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Maa Chandi Homam

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Chandi Maha Yagya On Final/9th Day of Navaratri - Grand Celebration

Live Public Webcast: Scheduled on21st October 2015 from 6 PM to 12 PM IST

Chandi Homam - Best Solution for all your Problems

Chandi Homam is an extraordinary and a standout amongst the most capable homam for an individual to get Success in their life, furthermore it helps to overcome different Doshas and obstructions in one's entire life. This homam helps an individual to get accomplishment over Enemies and in the Court Cases. The homam includes recitation of Durga Saptasathi or 700 verses in honour of the Goddess Durga.

Agenda of Chandi Maha Yagya :

Ganesha Puja, Sankalpa to Sponsors, Avahanams to all devatas including Chandi, Mahishasura and Mahasimham, Chandi Moola Mantra Japa, Aksha Mala Japa, Durga Sthothram, Recitation of Devi Mahatmyam 13 Chapters, Sri Suktham Purna huthi and Namaskaram Process

Reason for Performing Chandi Homam

The reason for performing Chandi Homam is to evacuate any deterrents in development inside and outwardly for an individual or a gathering of individuals. On performing the Maha Chandi Homam, one can get to be free from stink eyes, inconveniences, obstructions and they are additionally presented with great wellbeing, riches and success.

Chandi Moola Mantra:

Aim Hrim Klim Camundayai Vicche||

This is the mantra of Chandi, the Universal form of the mother as a kanya. The mantra of Chandi is associated with the navel centre ? Manipura. This also depicts the union of MahaKali, MahaLaksmi and Maha Saraswathi.

Chandi Raksha Mantra

Om Hreem Chaamunda Bhrakuti Attahaase Bheemdarshane
Raksha Raksha Chorebhyah Vajurvebhyah Agnibhayah
Shwapadebhyah Dushtajanebhyah Sarvebhyah
Sarvopadravebhyah Chandee Hreem Hreem Thah Thah||

Benefits of Performing Chandi Homam

 - Chandi Homam is very helpful to overcome the deterrents and win over the foes.

 - Favourable homam to fulfil all your wishes in life.

 - Performing Chandi Homam gives power to evacuate all peril.

 - By Performing Chandi Homam one can get relief from planetary impacts.

 - Chandi Homam which is likewise called Chamundi Homam is devoted to the Goddess Chandi. She is the most influential Goddess and fulfils all your wishes when you appeal to her in the Chandi Homam.

Recordered Version of Vedicfolks.com New Year 2015 Special Shared/Group Chandi Homam:

Assistance from Vedic Folks

We at Vedic Folks are proud to possess the most authoritative experts who have the knowledge and ease to invoke these powerful radiations of Goddess Chandi (Chamundi) who can wade away your problems once and for all!   

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