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Makara Sankranti 2020 Special




Invocation of Original Source of Life – 12 Forms of Sun – For Surplus Glory & Material Needs

Scheduled Live on Jan 15, 2020 @ 6 PM IST

Makara Sankaranti: Time to Multiply Resources and Prosperity

Makar Sankranti is the day when the Sun transits zodiac Capricorn thereby marking the onset of spring season. This has great significance and holds a religious fervour.


The Vedas describe the Sun as the primordial cause of the whole universe. The word Aditya is coined from the term Aditi, mother of Adityas. The Bhagavata Purana lists 12 Adityas as twelve Sun gods. So, there are 12 for each of the lunar months of the Tamil calendar. And in each year, it’s a different sun that shines. The names of the 12 Adityas are Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna, Indra, Vivasvan, Tvashtha, Vishnu, Anshuman, Bhaga, Pusha, Parjanja, Dhata. And the months they rule respectively are from mid April-mid May to mid March-mid April taking the lunar months into consideration. Makara Sankranti also marks the end of winter solstice and it’s a time when the sun transits from Tropic of Cancer to Tropic of Capricorn i.e. from Dakshinayana to Uttarayana, thereby signifying the onset of harvest season.


How Blessings of 12 Adityas Augment Your Life

Mitra grants knowledge, harmony, integrity and represents friendship, truth and justice.

Varuna represents wisdom, punishes, controls sea, and is a tireless worker.

Bhaga signifies vitality, force, work power and clarity.

Aryaman represents determination, belief and perseverance.

Amshuman dispels darkness, protects intellectuals, grants excellence and equity.

Indra vanquishes enemies, protects, controls senses and is a teacher.

Pushya grants good business, cattle wealth, journeys, trap etc.

Tvashtha confers skill, creative intelligence, innovator and is a diplomat.

Vivasvan gives effulgence, service, work ethic and spiritual upliftment.

Dhata blesses with creative ability, knowledge, leadership qualities and changes order.

Vishnu annihilates foes, protects universe and grants Moksha.  

Parjanya transforms you, gives knowledge, purifies, bestows   secret skills.   


Significance of Dwadasha Aditya Surya Narayana Maha Homam on Makara Shankranti

The word Makara means Capricorn, and Sankranti signifies the movement of Sun from one zodiac to another. Therefore, on Makara Sankranti, the Sun moves into the zodiac Capricorn. It marks the onset of summer and on this day the day and night are equally long. The festival of Pongal is celebrated on this day and the Sun due to its important role in the forth coming season, it is glorified and worshipped.


Maha Homam To 12 Forms of Sun Provides Surplus Glory & Material Needs

Performing the Dwadasa Aditya homa to the above Adityas blesses one with surplus glory and removes all sorrows. The 12 forms of Adityas are responsible for nourishment and all materials needs for creation and sustenance. The ritual also ensures motivation, surplus glory and happiness. It sharpens the creative skills of a person and improves their thinking powers. Since the basic form of life originates from the Sun, one is excessively blessed with all material needs and desires. The Adityas ensure endless success in all your assigned tasks and pave way for immense good luck and prosperity.


What Blessings You Gain:-

• The 12 Adityas’ ritual ensures nourishment and proper sustenance.
• It ascertains all material needs and desires are satisfied.
• The Sun in its 12 forms grants endless success in all major and difficult tasks.
• The ritual puts you in a state of glory and abundance so that your New Year can be most prosperous.
• It also encourages a person to shape their thoughts and creative skills in an effective way.
• Everything originates from 12 Adityas — the very source of life, sustenance and creation and therefore happiness, motivation and strength is obtained from the


Here Are The Other Added Auspicious Rituals For The Day


Panchaloha Palakas Puja - Removes Powerful Sins & Blesses With Progress

The Panchaloka Palakas Puja is dedicated to five powerful deities, Durga, Ganapati, Shetra Palakas, Indra Abhyankara (son of Lord Indra) and Vastu Purusha. It removes the five Pancha Maha Papas or the five great sins namely Brahma Hatya (killing of Brahman), Suvarna Steya (stealing gold), Surapana (drinking alcohol), Bhruna Hatya (abortion) and Guru Talpaga (seduction of guru’s spouse or all unfair carnal relationships). the puja puts you on the path of progress and prosperity


Surya Chandra Puja - Gives Career Growth & Great Intellect

Lord Surya is the original source of life and enhances power, vitality, gold, fame, honour and promotion. A Puja to Lord Surya helps to beget good health especially of eyes and heart, fetches growth in career and business, controls emotion and mind. The moon controls the five senses and stands for intellectuality – mind, brain, imagination, sensitivity and emotions. The Chandra puja eliminates the negative effects of moon and bestows happiness and prosperity to the native.


Arokya Lakshmi Samedha Dhanvantri Puja - Ensures Your Good Well Being

Lord Dhanvantri the divine physician invoked in this puja is also the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Arogya Lakshmi Samedha Dhanvantri puja is a remedy to all illnesses including incurable diseases. It provides nourishment, good health and long life. A puja to these deities in the month of Makara/Thai or Pausha heralds a good beginning without the hassle of health ailments and blessings of good well being.


Shani Graha Shanti Puja - Reduces Bad Karma & Grants Peace

Shani Graha Shanthi Puja is carried out to pacify planet Saturn and to get the endowments of the lord so that life goes on easily. It also helps to minimise malefic impacts so that peace can be restored in your life. It grants good luck, peace and prosperity. It reduces bad effects of Karma and grants a peaceful life to you.


Sugarcane Offering - Gives You Abundance and Prosperity

Sugarcane is the most important crop of the season. It’s harvested during the time of Makar Sankranti, signifies abundance and prosperity. It is considered very spiritual and offering it to the homa on the day of Makar Sankranti is immediately accepted by the Sun God who is pleased with the crop.


Sweet Pongal Offering - Invites Profusion and Splendour

Rice is another crop that grows in profusion during the season and people harvest the crop during Makar Sankranti. They prepare sweet and salt Pongal which is a delicacy of the festival. Sweet Pongal is made from rice, sugar and milk and all these ingredients signify prosperity and splendour and that’s what you get from offering it to the fire.


Suryanar Temple Puja - Grants Relief from Diseases & Strength

Suryanar temple in Kumbakonam is one of the Navagraha temples dedicated to Lord Suryanarayana. All other planetary gods are also housed here. A Puja in this temple on the day of Makar Sankranti gives good health, relief from skin ailments, good eyesight, strength and energy.


Energised Sun Yantra - Provides Affluence & Authority

The Sun yantra in homes brings radiance and removes darkness and also provides valour and courage. It showers the person with authority, affluence and strong personality, the very characters of the mighty Sun. It defends the person from miseries, poverty and accidents. No foe can harm its worshipper and is highly beneficial for those having bad effects of Sun.


Energised Lord Surya Pendant - For Positive Vibes & Energy

The sun is a symbol of eternal life and nothing in this world can exist without its energy. It is a symbol of authority and power. The energised pendant gives you great energy and positive vibration to keep you in good health besides granting success and prosperity.

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