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Manakula Vinayakar Temple Puja

Manakula Vinayakar Temple Puja- Bring Happiness and Peace In Your Life
Manakula Vinayakar Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vinayaka located in Puducherry, India. Puducherry might be a place full of churches but Manakula Vinayakar Temple is highly coveted among Hindu devotees and tourists, travelling from all parts of the country. The temple derives its name from Manal means 'sand' and Kulam means 'pond near the sea'. Earlier, the temple was known by the name as Manal Kulathu Vinayakar. A number of festivals and celebrations are conducted at this temple all throughout the year and Brahmothsavam 24 day long festival is equally important to one. The temple attracts a large number of devotees especially on the eighteenth day of Brahmotsavam festival.

Greatness Of This Temple

Auspicious Vinayakar Chaturthi and Brahmotsavam in the month (Aug- Sep) festival are celebrated in this temple. However, the temple is not without a legacy. According to the myth, a Frenchman with several frantic attempts tried to remove the Lord Vinayaka idol from the temple. But each time the idol was removes, it reappeared on its own. Persuaded with the power of the idol, the Frenchman converted as an ardent devotee of the Lord. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Vinayaka is believed to have been existing for the past four centuries and is the oldest Hindu temple in Pondicherry. Special Poojas and Rituals are performing on Sankatahara Chathurthi Day. Every form of Lord Vinayaka could be seen in this temple.

Temple Opening Time
Morning 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Evening 4.00 AM to 10.00 PM



  • Launching a business, buying a new vechile and for every new or current endeavours devotees seek his blessings.

  • Removes any sorts of negative forces in your life

  • Bring happiness and peace in your life

  • Remove hindrances if suffering losses in business, education etc.

  • Helps to recover from frequent sickness.

  • Adoring Lord Manakula Vinayakar will be blessed with prosperity in life.


Temple Pooja Timings
Puja (Uchikaalam) at 11.00 AM, Arthajama Puja at 9.00 PM, Lord Shiva (Spadigalingam) Puja at Daily 11 AM




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