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Mangalvar Vrat Katha

Mangalvar Vrat

Tuesday fasting, or Mangalvar Vrat, is devoted to Lord Hanuman and to Mangal Grah. In Hinduism, each vrat has one or more story connected with it and those individuals watching the Vrat read or listen to the story on the fasting day. There are a few stories connected with Tuesday fasting. This specific Mangalvar Vrat Katha is connected with Lord Hanuman.

Mangalvar Vrat has diverse vitality and results. Through Vrat, an individual satisfies his revered God and Goddess. As an exchange he gets peace and satisfaction. Mangalvar vrat is for getting riches, spouse and easing from serious infection. This vrat serves to get liberation from the universe of illusions.

Mangalvar Vrat Katha

Once there was an old woman who was a passionate aficionado of Lord Hanuman. She used to watch Mangalvar Vrat. On Tuesday, the old woman used to break her fast at a Hanuman Temple. She used to impart whatever nourishment she needed to Lord Hanuman.

The old woman was existing with her little daughter in lawand she used to get four chappatis on Tuesday from her daughter in law. The old woman used to offer two chappatis to Lord Hanuman and consume the other two.

One day the little daughter in law figured out that the old woman was putting forth chappatis to Hanuman and not consuming it completely and squandering them. Next Tuesday she just gave two chapattis. The old woman offered one to Lord Hanuman and consumed the other one.

At the point when the little daughter in law came to think about this she was extremely irate and on next Tuesday she just provided for one chappati. The old woman parts the chappati into two and gave a part to Lord Hanuman and consumed the other part.

The daughter in law suspected that there is no reason for bolstering the old woman as she was squandering sustenance at her family's cost. So on next Tuesday she didn't give any sustenance to the old woman.

The old woman went to Hanuman Temple with nothing in her hands and began petitioning Hanuman. The Young person showed up there and asked her for what valid reason is not breaking the fast and imparting her nourishment to Hanuman. The old woman told what happened that today she doesn't have anything to impart to Hanuman.

The young person welcomed the old women to his home and made a guarantee to her that he will give her day by day milk, chappati, sugar and margarine and she can impart it to Lord Hanuman.

The old woman was extremely content and the young person requested that her stay with him. The daughter in law never fretted over her as she considered the old woman to be a trouble.

The things started to change at the daughter in law home. There were illnesses, mischances and different adversities at her home and they got to be to a great degree poor that they couldn't manage the cost of even a solitary supper.

The daughter in law soon understood that this was because of her denying sustenance to the old woman. She then chose to bring back the old woman. She went to the young person's home and asked the old woman to excuse her for her errors.

The old woman absolved her and told the young person that the time it now, time for her to clear out. She needed the young person to accompany her. The young person said that at whatever point she needs to see him she can go to the Hanuman Temple.

That night the old woman had a fantasy in which she saw that the young person was as a general rule Lord Hanuman. Tears trickled from the old woman's eyes. She couldn't request more ? It was Hanuman that was securing her and sustaining her.

The Old women portrayed this to her family member and relatives from then the daughter in law began the Mangalvar vrat and the family was honored with flourishing.

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