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Masani Amman Temple Puja

Masani Amman Temple Puja- Negate all ill effects of evil eye, Remove hoodoo (witchcraft)


Masani Amman Temple is located at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. The temple is also called as Anaimalai Masani Amman Temple. Presiding deity is seen in a Lying posture measuring 15 feet head to foot. The deity is depicted with four hands, two placed on the ground and two raised above. Girls Who face some Pysical problems when they attain Puberty, Goddess Masani Amman helps them in such situations ensuring their health. In this temple the Idol of Goddess Masani Amman is very powerful one and offer blessing to all devotees Who have a stunt belief in her. Devotees also expect that Goddess will respond their Prayer with in three weeks. There is a sculptures image in the temple representing as a Goddess of justice with the body of serpent. Auspicious Eighteen day in the month of(January-February) is grandly celebrated in this temple. Devotees visit this temple on Tuesday and Friday to get blessings of Goddess Masani Amman. Devotees offered Prasad in the temple is called Pachilam Marundu. Women consume this and tie a black thresd in the hand for child boon and for relief from the effects of spells and witchcrafts. The Prasad is a medicine for girls stomach problems whilw attaining Puberty.




Relief from Womens Physical Problems

Abate misfortunes, Bestow harmony, peace of mind

Trounce deterrents and obstacles, Bless success, positivity and happiness

Clear barriers in life, Invoke positive approach to achieve life goals

Remove all Dosha's of Birth Chart, Bless Abundance of wealth and prosperity

Conquer enemies, Evil Effects, Endow dominance, authority and Bless manifold Success

Negate all ill effects of evil eye, Remove hoodoo (witchcraft)


Temple Opening Time


Morning 6.00 AM to Evening 8.00 PM


Temple Puja


Uchikala Puja - 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Abishekam and Alankaram- 4.00 PM to 4.30 PM

Sayarakshai Puja- 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM


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