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Masi Magam

Masi Magham Special


Accomplish Progress & Stability in Career, Trade & Get Relief from Unnecessary Problems


Scheduled Live on March 08, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


Masi Magham: A Propitious Occasion to Remove Afflictions & Receive Combined Blessings of Power Gods

The Masi Magham is a very auspicious festival dedicated to Lord Shiva and the day falls on a Purnima when the moon aligns with the Magha star. The earth is pervaded with heavenly consciousness that’s so divine that celestial beings and pitrus come down to earth’s plane to take a holy dip in sacred waters to wash their sins and also that of the descendents. The temple of Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu is so alive on this day where thousands gather for the ablution rituals and also perform rituals and homas to satisfy the main deity of the temple Kumbeshwar. It’s also a day to remove afflictions and find remedies for Rahu, Ketu and Kalsarp doshas. 


Invocation of Adi Kumbeshwar on Masi Magham Relieves You from unnecessary Problems

Adi Kumbeshewar is the ruling deity of Kumbakonam temple, it’s a linga form of Lord Shiva. This unique linga is broad at the bottom and narrow at the top like that of a needle and is made by the lord himself when he mixed nectar of immortality and sand. Goddess Mangalambika, his consort is worshipped for all prosperity blessings. The homa holds great significance since it is on the day of Masi Magham that Lord Shiva appeared in the form of a child, to perform the last rites of a king who had no descendents. Rituals and ceremonies to this primeval form of Lord Shiva bestow powerful blessings to seven generations of your successors and also seven generations of your predecessors in the family.


Accomplish Progress & Stability in Career, Trade with Kumbeshwarar Maha Homam

A homa to this powerful deity, in the form of a divine linga that resembles a kumba or pot, fetches prosperity and gets rid of severe planetary afflictions. It improves trade, career or professional obligations by bringing progress and stability.  It enhances relationships and grants wedding and child boons. The lord grants all desires, removes sins and adversities. The homa to Lord Kumbeshwara fetches blessings of Lord Indra and the Ashta Dikpalas, and other important deities as well as arrive on earth to take part in the festivities. They grant their combined blessings to the devotees on the day of Masi Magham. Lord Adi Kumbeshwar relieves you from unnecessary problems, eliminates negativity, grants material benefits by overcoming debt burdens, provide peace and success in all matters of your day to day life.



It fetches progress and stability in trade, career.

It improves relationships, grants wedding and child boons.

It wards off negativity like strong adversaries and ushers positivity and peace.

It removes sins, bad karma and gives Moksha.


Combined Ceremonies to Increase Outcomes on Powerful Masi Magham Day


Mrityu Sukta Parayanam - Helps Win Death, Protects Male Offspring

The Mrityu Suktham is a Vedic hymn to win over death and grants utmost courage to the seeker. Among the gods invoked are Mrityu, Dhatri, Twashtri, Pitrimedha or Prajapathi and Sankusuka Rishi. The chant appeals to Mrityu to go away, do no harm to offspring or male progeny especially.


Sapta Nadi Puja - Charges Your Nadis & Removes Sins 

The Sapta Nadis or seven rivers are Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri and performing puja to these sacred water sources draws you closer to your spiritual nature by charging the nadis or the internal rivers of our pranic bodies. A puja to the seven rivers grants papa mochana (sin removal) and also rejuvenates your soul.


Mrityunjaya Yantra - Overcomes Death, Imparts Fortune

Mrityunjaya Yantra This yantra represents Lord Shiva and keeps mrityu/death in check and also overcomes fear of death. Performing puja to this yantra relieves one of chronic diseases and all sorts of phobia, evil spells, dangers and diseases. Possessing this yantra imparts fortune, wealth, fame and prosperity.


Kumbakeshwar Temple Puja - Grants Power Blessings of All Gods

The Kumbakeshwar Temple is a very ancient shrine situated in Kumbakonam, a divine hub for worship of almost all gods of the Vedic pantheon. It has a very sacred tank of 21 wells and 16 small temples around it. The temples belong to various gods and on the day of Masi Magham they arrive on earth to take a ritualistic dip and invoking them on the day fetches multitude of benefits.



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