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Mumba Devi Temple Prasad ,Mumbai

Mumbai Devi Temple


Mumbai Devi Temple is a glorious temple in Mumbai of Maharashtra. This temple is solely dedicated to the positive energies of Mumba Devi. She is considered the goddess of Mumbai city, and worshipping her is considered very optimistic. Mumba Maha Amba Devi is worshipped in this temple with sheer zeal and enthusiasm. This temple glorifies the significance of Mumba or Amba Devi. The temple was carved long back in the 15th century. It still looks extraordinarily gorgeous and is a hub of daily pilgrimage. Mumbai Devi Temple discovers its place among the most spectacular temples of Maharashtra, making it the most famous pilgrimage spot in Mumbai.


Significance of Mumbai Devi Temple


This temple is of great importance. According to a prominent legend of our mythological history, Mumba Devi is an incarnation of the great goddess Durga or Goddess Parvati. Divinity Parvati wanted to attain a firm level of determination and commitment powers. Lord Shiva advises her to take the form of a local fisherwoman if she wants to broaden her concentration perspectives. Goddess followed the commands of supreme shiva and appeared as a fisherwoman. She started learning the art of concentration from the local fishermen in Mumbai by observing their art of catching and keeping fish. She did a mastery in catching fish, and gradually she gained phenomenal concentration powers. After seeing the intense dedication of Devi Parvati, Shiva lauded her and married her in her fisherwoman form only. Since then, Goddess Parvati came to be known as Mumba Devi.


Rituals of Mumbai Devi Temple


Mumba Devi aarti takes place a total of six times in the temple. The special puja of Mumba Devi takes place on Tuesday

 Hundreds of people throng the temple on Tuesday to seek the rich blessings of great Mumba Devi. In Mumbai Devi Temple, Navratri is the major festival that takes place with grand arrangements. The popular beliefs say that Mumbai, the financial capital of Maharashtra, has acquired its name from Mumba Devi only. She is the gram Devi of Mumbai city, and thus the town dwells on her name only. Residents of Maharashtra adore Mumba Devi before proceeding with any big event, as she is considered the most prosperous and promising goddess by the people of Maharashtra.


Boons of worshipping in Mumbai Devi Temple


There are a good number of boons admiring Mumba Devi and idolizing her in the prominent Mumbai Devi Temple-


  • More than six centuries old, Mumba Devi Temple, is the notable abode of Goddess Parvati. Her positive influence resides in the temple avenues as Mumba Devi.
  •   By worshipping in this temple, devotees can seek the pious blessings of Goddess Parvati as she is honoured in the form of Mumba Devi.
  • Along with the sacred bliss of Goddess Parvati, worshipping in this temple helps pleases great lord Shiva, as he is the consort of Devi Parvati.
  •  Individuals who give up easily and lack self-confidence must devote their time to the puja at this temple. Devi Parvati, in the form of Mumbai, blesses her dedicated worshippers with the elixir of concentration.
  • Those looking to intensify their dedication and determination level must conduct homams and pujas in the distinguished Mumbai Devi Temple.
  • Worshipping in this temple will bring positivity and consensus to one's life.
  • People who are searching for the real intent of their life must visit this temple as the true devotion of Mumba Devi will grant good introspection skills.
  • Worshipping in Mumbai Devi Temple also helps in seeking financial stability and security.
  •  Attract optimism in your life by devoting time and devotion to Mumbai Devi Temple.





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