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Mystical Formulae (Part I - Mantras)

Mystical Formulae (Part I - Mantras)
by K. T. Shubhakaran    
Price (Paperback): 250.00 INR  
Pages: 287
Language: Sanskrit & English
Year of Pub.: 2004 
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Mystical Formulae (Part I - Mantras):

Mr. K.T. Shubhakaran is the author of Book title "Nakshatra Based Predictions with Remedial Measures", which has been acclaimed as a new landmark in the astrological world, by the learneds in astrology. In the present book titled MYSTICAL FORMULAE he has, with his several years of research, brought out rarest remedial measures. This book mainly deals with the proper method of SWARA (SOUND), which is the essence of any mysticism, proper technique of recitation, Asanas (postures) to be used and remedial measures for wealth, health, cure of innumerable diseases which even the modern science has not been able to find answer. Mystical Formulae is in tow Parts. Prt I i.e. the present deals with Mantras and Part II deals with far ancient Yantras. He is by profession a Financial & Administrative Adviser in a Central Government organization.

Preface Mystical Formulae is another synonym for Mantras in the literary sense. The reason why I have selected Mystical Formulae in place of Mantras is that the Mantra actually means The Technique of Verses whereas Mysticism contains both Mantras and various articles used in the attainment of Mantra Siddhi.Mantras contained in this book are the are rare ones and most powerful. Usually there is a psychological thendecy to adopt a Mantra which has more explanations. Readers are requested not to choose a particular Mantra because it has more explanations.

Brevity has been kept for the sake of saving the time of the reader. Unnecessary explanation is not the moto of this book. Hence it is once again re-iterated that the Mantra may be selected as per the requirement of the reader and time available to them. All the Mantras have equal intensity.From the time immemorial to the mankind, they have been practicing various Mystical, Tantrical and Matrical methods to achieve or fulfil their desires.

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