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Namakkal Hanuman Temple

Namakkal Anjaneyar Temple Puja - Relieve From The Ill Effects of Shani & Rahu Planets

Anjaneyar Temple located in Namakkal District of Tamilnadu. The temple is in the heart of the Namakkal town. The idol of Anjaneyar is 18 ft. tall, making it one of the tallest idols of Hanuman in India. Devotees pray here for getting success in marriage alliances, child boon and for academic distinctions. It is believed that if one who performs special pujas here on Hanuman Jayanthi, one will be relieved of the ill effects of Planets Shani & Rahu. Hanuman is an ardent follower of Lord Ram and is also a central character in the epic tale Ramayana. He is always worshipped along with Lord Rama and is said to assume any form. He is also revered for his mighty power, his ability to assume any form at will, to inflate or reduce to a thumbnail, his magical might to ward off evil and other troubles that his devotees face. He is the quintessence of wisdom, self-control, valour, righteousness, courage, strength and righteousness. One who prays to him will attain, power, success, prosperity, glory and strength. On this special day, Vedicfolks plans to hold the Panchamukha hanuman homa that invokes the powers of one of the most powerful deity. Lord Hanuman tear his chest & shown image of Rama & Sita in his heart to prove the depth of his immense love and devotion towards them. Applying butter on Hanuman Jii's chest to cool down his burning wounds. This is an easy way to express our love and respect for Lord Hanuman.  Butterly Hanuman happily accept the offering and relieves the pain of the devotees.



  • For reaping riches and wealth
  • Keeps away bad effects of Saturn
  • Malefic effects of other planets don’t bother you
  • All nine planets favour you in all matters
  • One is blessed with prosperity and abundance
  • Protects against black magic, evil spirits and other paranormal activities
  • Cures ill & blesses the devotee with longevity


Temple Puja
Vada Mala Puja

Temple Festival

Hanuman Jayanti celebrated in this temple.


Opening Time

Morning: 6.00 AM to Evening 7.00 PM



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