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Nandikeshwari Temple Puja

Nandikeshwari Temple Puja-Bestow life with Financial Gains, remove debts


Nandikeshwari Temple is an ancient temple located in West Bengal. The temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peetas. In this temple there lies the Bhairava as Lord Nandikeshwar. Inside the temple premise there are many other temples of Dashavataar, Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, Goddess NavaDurga, Lord Shiva. There is a huge sacred tree where the devotees bind colourful threads to fulfill their wishes. On the body of these temples, there are beautiful paintings of many Lords and Goddess figures. There is a huge sacred tree where the devotees bind red and yellow threads to fulfill their wishes. Festivals are held especially in Baishakshi Purnima or the Buddha Purnima(full moon day), with yagna. Devotees offer prayers with the combined blessing bestowed with enormous wealth, peace, harmony and never ending prosperity, eliminating all bad and evil effects and negativeness from planetary positioning, disease free life and bondage's.




Bless life with Self-Awareness, remove Black Magic, Witchcraft, Evil-Eye

Strategize Life with Sound Health, Cure Prolonged Illness, incurable diseases

Bestow life with Financial Gains, remove debts

Bless the beauty of Self-Image, Curtail unknown mysterious and evil force

Negate past and present sins, solve court cases, make future bright and perfect

Remove misfortune, bad luck, bless abundance in life, wealth and prosperity


Temple Opening Time


Morning:6.00 AM to Evening 10 PM


Temple Puja


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