Nava Narasimhar Temple Puja

Nava Narasimhar Temple Puja - Bless Victory, Remove Evil Effects


Nava Narashimha Temple, is located at Navalur Chennai will give you a instinct of "Dakshina Ahobilam". Lord Narashimha seated on Adhisesha with his two consorts is "Surya Narayana", with four arms and his upper arms is holding a conch and discus is a 6 foot tall deity. The other deities are Divya Narayana, Mathi Narayana, Veera Narayana, Sarva Narayana, Gnana Narayana, Kroda Narayana, Brahaspati Narayana, Deva Narayana. Worshipping and performing Puja brings Divine spirits, overcome hurdles, Bless power and victory, triumph of good over evil, Abundance, Prosperity.

Lamp is worshipped as Lord Narashimha. He symbolizes as knowledge, darkness to light and ignorance to faith. He is the feeder of source, a stimulator, one who illuminates brightness. Hence as a gesture of respect the Oil Lamps is lighted and bowed down to worship the knowledge as the highest of all forms of wealth, to acquire creative imagination, true belief, Positive thinking, and perfect intelligence. Lighting Ghee mixed Neem and Coconut Oil will acquire lost wealth, is a powerful remedy to regain prosperity in life.




Eliminate Enemies, Bless peace and happiness

Remove indebtedness, bless financial gains

Destroy evil effects, win court cases, Relieve legal related troubles

Bless amicability, good will, Remove destructive forces

Bless Genuineness, Remove unadulterated, illegitimate

Remove incompetency, Bless, good health, wealth and prosperity


Temple Opening Time


Morning:7.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Evening: 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM


Temple Festival

Auspicious Deepavali in the month of(October-November), Vaikunta Ekadasi in the month of(December-January) are the festival celebrated in this temple.

Temple Puja


Vahana Puja

Sasvatha Puja


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