Nava Narasimhar Temple Puja


Nava Narasimha Temple Puja


Nava Narasimha is a glorious temple situated in Navalur, Chennai. This magnificent temple is eminent for acquiring nine Narasimha murtis. This temple is an entirely new temple built three years back only. It follows the modern-day architecture styles. It has a graceful sanctum that enshrines Lord Narasimha and his two consorts. Here most prominent forms of Lord Narasimha are present. Lord Narasimha resides in the temple in his notable aspects as Surya Narayana, Divya Narayana, Mathi Narayana, Veera Narayana, Sarva Narayana, Kroda Narayana, Brahaspati Narayana, and Deva Narayana.


Benefits of worshipping in Nava Narasimha Temple


  • Lord Narasimha takes away all the pain and sufferings of his devotees; He protects people from the evil force’s wreath.
  • Worshipping Lord Nava Narasimha also helps in maintaining economic stability.
  • Those who are stuck in court or criminal cases should also perform Nava Narasimha temple puja to eliminate all the legal obstacles.
  • Nava Narasimha Temple puja blesses devotees with positive mental and spiritual health.
  • Worship in the Nava Narasimha temple also bolsters fortune and prosperity.
  • Lord Narasimha enlightens the lives of devotees and cheers their life with abundance and equity.


Temple Opening Time


The temple remains accessible from 7 AM to 11 AM. It remains open in the evening from 4 to 8 PM. If you also want to conduct puja in this temple, but you can't come to the temple, then do not worry, as we are here for you. You can subscribe to Nava Narasimha Temple puja from, and we will execute the puja for you on your behalf with the temple’s head priest.


Temple Festival


Diwali and Vaikunta Ekadashi are the two prominent festivals celebrated in the temple’s avenues with sheer arrangements and ecstasy.


Temple Puja


Vahana and Sasvatha are the two main pujas that take place in the Nava Narasimha Temple.




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