Nellaippar Temple Puja-Tirunelveli

Nellaiappar temple is famous Hindu temple located in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu built by the Pandiya king Nindraseer Nedumaran. The main deity Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati blesses devotees in the form of Nellaiappar is Syambumurthi and Kanthimathi amman. The temple is one among the five dancing abodes of Lord Shiva which is fascinating and called as Thamirachabai where Lord Shiva appeared in Natarajar posture while performing cosmic dance on Thaamira Ambalam. Tamil Saint poets the Nayanmars gives a elucidation about Nellaiappar temple in his saiva poem Devaram. This shrine is a remarkable marriage place of worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati witnessed by Lord Vishnu.


The unique feature of this shrine is Linga in sanctum witnesses the Ambica image in its center identified during Sacred ritual gives incredible divine sense to devotees. The devotees admired by great architecture of this shrine with Swinging hall, Mahamandapam with musical pillars, Somavaramandapam, Navagragha hall, Ayyangal hall, Vasanthamadapam surrounded by flower garden, chain hall which connects Vandana vedhanthanathar who is none other than Lord Shiva and Gandhimathi amman in the form of Lord Parvati. Lord Ganesh appeared in the form of Mukuruni Vinayagar, Nandi devar, Pandiyaraja blessess the devotees in premises of shrine. The stone inscriptions in this shrine tells a historical events of Veerapandiyan, Maravarman Sundara Pandiyan, Kulasekara Pandiyan. Prominent Lord Vishnu in this shrine carries Sivalinga in his chest gives a power of strength, recreation and sacred look to devotees.


The most significant festival is "Aani Brahmotsavam" falls between June and July in this shrine. "Navaratri" occurs on October, "Aippasi Thirukalayanam" conducted between November and December, "Arudra Darshan" celebrated between December and January, "Thai aaratu" between January and February are the other celebrations in this temple. A golden temple car in this shrine will be taken out during grand festivals of Lord Shiva Thirukalyanam, Arudra darshan and Karthigai deepam. During the "Thaipoosam" festival many rituals performed to deities in a Thaipoosam hall located near the banks of Thamirabharani river adjacent to this shrine. In the midnight of "Sivaratri" festival which is "Great night of Lord Shiva" celebrated by performing auspicious rituals to get blessings from Lord Shiva. The Pradhosha puja in this temple called as "Nandikkam "which is celebrated in all pradosha days .



Pujas are conducted in Nine timings everyday here. The time and pujas are given here

Thiruvananthal     -5.15am 

Ushatkalapuja      -6.00am

Sirukalasanthi      -7.00am

Kalasanthi           -8:00am

Uchikalam           -12.00pm

Sayarakshai         -6.00 pm

Arthajamam        -8.30pm

Palliarai               - 9.15 pm

Bhairavar Puja     - 9.30pm


Ritual Steps

Abhishekam, Alangaram, Neiveethanam, Deeparathanai are the ritual steps performed during puja in this shrine.



Improves Knowledge and bless with good carrier.

Relieve mercury related doshas, free from disease.

Bless Family bonding, eradicate Splits

Relieve from marriage delays and bless with good partner in life.

Remove Financial difficulties, bless Health, wealth, Prosperity in future life.



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