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Numerology - Know Your Lucky Numbers

Numerology - Know Your Lucky Numbers For Every Sphere Of Life 
Role of Numbers in: Career & Business, Romance/ Marital Matters, New Ventures, Travels & tours, health 

by V. Rajsushila        
ISBN (Paperback): 8122300065, 9788122300062
Price (Paperback): 100.00 INR 
Pages: 118
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2010
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Numerology - Know Your Lucky Numbers For Every Sphere Of Life:

Numbers have occult significance. 

Know your lucky number, and apply the formula suggested by the author, and make your fortune smile on you, in every sphere of life! 

Numerology is the science of numbers, applied to foretelling the future and provide remedial measures. 

This book has successfully encapsulated the wide subject of numerology, its origin and its various aspects. 

The guide is aimed to help the readers secure a better future by applying the Vedic numerical science, which Lord Dattatraya imparted to the ancient maharishis. 

The author is an expert numerologist herself and has taken care to properly deal with all queries and doubts that would normally arise in the mind of the readers. 

The book covers all aspects of numerology including: 

*Characteristics of individuals born under different numbers. 

*Financial matters, health and marital life. 

*Selection of appropriate gems and suggested remedies. 

*Remedial measures to neutralize negative numbers. 

Match and mix your name, numbers with your birth number and set the positive cosmic occult vibrations in your favour to please the dame fortune! 

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