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Padmini Ekadasi Vrat Katha

Padmini Ekadasi Vrat Katha

Sage Pulastya came to Kartaviryarjunas kingdom to save the Asura Ravana from prison, Sage Narada asked him that how Kartaviryarjunas defeated Ravana who overpower even the heaven. He said, Kartaviryarjuna is the son of Kartavirya & Padmini (one of the 1000 queens married by Kartavirya). But, none of the thousand queens given him a son. Kartavirya performed severe penance for ten thousand years to get a son, but he failed. Queen Padmini followed her husband when he was going to forest & met Anasuya (wife of Sage Atri) & asked about a way which can bless her with son.

Anasuya explained about the importance of observing Adhika Masa Ekadashi. Kartavirya & Padmini observed this fast for three days & awake for whole night chanting Lord Vishnu mantras & stotras.

Pleased by their fasting observance, Lord Vishnu appeared before them & requested them to ask any boon. They requested for a son who cannot be defeated by anyone except Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu bestows the requested boon to them.

Observing Padmini Ekadashi brings multiple benefits to you and your family.

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