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Poonamallee Sri Vaidheeswara Pooja

Poonamallee Sri Vaitheeswara Puja


Poonamallee Sri Vaitheeswara is a glorious temple in Chennai. The place is solely committed to Lord Shiva. He is worshipped here in the linga aspect of Vaitheeswara. This magnificent temple hails from the Chola Kingdom. Poonamallee Sri Vaitheeswara is a more than a thousand-year-old architectural marvel. The temple is adorned with graceful three-raja gopuram and exquisite corridors. The prominent sage Adi Shankara placed three pious chakras in this temple, namely Shiva Chakra, Subramania Chakra, and Sri Chakra. 


Worshipping in Poonamallee Sri Vaitheeswaran temple helps in gaining the auspicious blessings of great Shiva. The special abhishekam and pujas in this temple eradicate the evil eye from life. Poonamallee Sri Vaitheeswara Puja helps in leading a prosperous and stable life. Special Tuesday pujas take place in the temple to eliminate doshas in the birth cycle.


Poonamallee Sri Vaitheeswaran Temple Puja timings-


Ushakkalam Puja is performed from 5 AM to 6 AM.

Kalasanthi puja from 9 AM.

Uchikalam from 1 PM.

Sayarakshai Puja takes place from 6 PM.

Ardhajamam from 10 PM to 9:30 PM.


If you are making your mind get any of these puja done in the temple. But you can't come to the temple, then do subscribe for this puja from templefolks.com.




We will like to clarify that templefolks.com is not a temple agent. We conduct puja representing you to the temple priest. The fees include government taxes, transportation, shipping, and prasad expenses. We take seven days to deliver the prasad in India and 15 days to deliver it outside India.



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Poonamallee - Chennai

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