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Pradosham Rituals

Vedicfolks Signature Ritual of 2019: Jyothirlinga Series of Homam


Kedarnath Maha Homam on Pradosham Day


Root Out Evil Forever, Eradicate Miseries, Sins & Get Lord Shiva’s Blessings for Fortune & Longevity


Scheduled live on June 30, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


Lord Kedarnath — Worshipping Lord of the Mountain for Spiritual Strength & Moksha

Kedarnath means lord of mountains and according to ancient scriptures, the Pandava brothers of Mahabharata wanted to attain salvation after their sins during war in which they killed their own people. They reached the Himalayas to have a divine vision of lord Shiva to get relief of sins but the lord in turn hid from them. Taking the form of a bull the lord evaded them in many occasions but the brothers relentlessly followed the bull. The animal jumped to the surface leaving a hump on the ground which was worshipped by the Pandavas who built a temple in the region (Kedarnath). The lord manifested his other parts in bull form in other places as well – head in Kalpeshwar, face in Rudranath, arms in Tungnath and belly in Madmaheshwar. All these five places put together came to be known as Panch Kedar.


The Kedarnath temple though built by the Pandavas, was revived by Adi Shankara to its present form. Here the lord manifests as a triangular shaped linga and if one prays with a pure heart all sins are forgiven and the person will attain Kailash – the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva after death. The temple is one of the 12 jyotirlingas and it is the highest among all the others as it located in the Rudra Himalaya range.


Invoking Lord Kedarnath on Pradosham Grants Relief to Negativity and Invites Auspiciousness

Lord Kedarnath is a powerful manifestation of Lord Shiva and Pradosham is also the perfect time for sin removal. It’s also a beneficial day to wash off karmic dirt that has piled on you.


Root Out Evil Forever, Eradicate Miseries, Sins & Receive Blessings of Fortune & Longevity with Lord Kedarnath Maha Homam

Vedicfolks will invoke Lord Kedarnath on the auspicious Pradosham day as part of the Jyothirlinga series of Homam to one of the renowned cosmic lights of the 12 situated in the country. The ritual dedicated to Lord Shiva provides relief to all miseries and also obliterates evil. Worshipping the powerful Lord Kedarnath fulfils desires and relieves one from all sins. The lord blesses his devotees with immense fortune and eradicates diseases. He therefore ensures longevity of everyone and grants moksha at the time of death. With this splendid ritual one can also abolish mental disturbances and gain peace and harmony.


A Glance at the Advantages of Kedarnath Maha Homa on Pradosham Day

  • The Kedarnath Maha Homa gives you happiness and satisfaction by removing miseries from life.
  • It cuts off evil in all forms and grants stability to you and dear ones.
  • Lord Shiva blessings assured for eternal fortune and  disease-free living.
  • The ritual ensures longevity and grants liberation from cycle of life and death.


Special Shiva Worship for Adding Intensity to Kedarnath Maha Homa


Krodha Bhairava Puja - Prevents Disputes, Accidents & Removes Obstacles

Krodha Bhairava is the fourth of the eight Kala Bhairavas. He not only removes obstacles but is also the keeper of time. A puja to Krodha Bhairava subdues evil effects of Saturn, prevents unnecessary arguments, prevents accidents and ensures a safe travel. It also destroys evil eye and other forms of negative vibrations. It also helps to convert your bad time to good one.


Rudrabhishekam - Eliminates Negative Vibes, Protects & Gives Wealth

This is one of the best means to please Lord Shiva to receive his ultimate blessings. An anointment ceremony is performed to the linga and Rudra mantras are chanted to invoke the lord. This auspicious puja fetches victory over death. It removes effects of sins and karma. It eradicates all negative energies and protects life. It helps to attain a strong mind, good health and wealth.


Vilva Archana with Shiva Astrotram - Grants Blessings of Health, Well-Being & High Status

Vilva is a divine trifoliate leaf that is used for the worship of Lord Shiva. It represents the three gunas namely sattva, rajas and tamas or the three syllables that make up aum mantra. It also represents the lord’s three eyes and a vilva archana along with chanting Shiva’s ashtotram which is the 108 names of the lord bestows great well-being, health and mental state. It also grants positivity, immense strength, power and high status in society.


Kailasanthar Temple Puja - Provides Solution for All Problems

Kailasanthar Temple is situated in  Kanchipuram, TamilNadu. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is worshipped as Kailasanthar. A Puja in this great temple on pradosham day grants wealth, prosperity, wedding and child boon. He blesses his devotees with success, increases good luck, gets rid of all problems and better growth in all walks of life.

Energised Wooden Om & Rudraksha Bead Necklace - The Best Gifts for Power and Positivity

Om is a pranava mantra and symbolises great power in Vedic knowledge. It is the sound of the ultimate Brahman as it corresponds to three states of consciousness – awakening, dream and deep sleep.  An energised Om can bring plenty of positivity to your home by keep evil energies away. The rudraksha bead necklace on the other hand, is considered the eye of the lord which grants blessings of peace and tranquillity, concentration and power.

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