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Pradosham: A Perfect Time for Material & Spiritual Wealth

Scheduled On June 25 & July 24, 2018

Pradosham is an auspicious time that occurs twice a month both during Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. Those who worship Lord Shiva during this time are freed from the shackles of bondage and attain salvation. The time usually is from 4.30 to 6 during the twilight zone and people observe strict fasting and do pujas to mitigate various problems, remove Karmic energies that limit one’s potential, and seek immediate blessings of the lord.

How ceremonies on Praodsham work 

For those seeking spiritual bliss, the purpose of life is god realisation. but this is possible only if all your karmas have been eliminated. When this happens, the material and spiritual worlds open with plenty of abundance. This is where performance of ceremonies on Pradosham works. It paves way for prosperity and intense bliss. Lord Shiva is the lord of karma. He has the power to absorb all poisons within himself. This can be in the form of jealousy, anger, self-centeredness, attachments etc that can destroy your peace and harmony. 

Vedicfolks will perform 11 Rudra pujas for the eleven months and one Kamakshi-Ekambareswar puja on the last Pradosham. Worshipping them along with their consorts is considered very auspicious and worthy. 

Here are the Vedicfolks Pradosham pujas for Shukla Paksha which is the growing phase of the moon. Like the enlarging moon, they help you to grow and expand your fortunes in a very successful manner. The eleven rudras bestow all types of ‘aishwaryam’ or prosperity 

Dhee Devi Samedha Maha Deva Rudram Puja – here the divine couple will grace you with their blessings and solve your unrelenting problems. Along with the rudram chant this puja becomes very powerful and grants wealth and high financial status.

Dhritti Devi Samedha Shiva Rudram Puja - Ask for forgiveness if you’ve committed mistakes in your life for the benevolent lord will provide you with his grace and also receive insight, clarity and enlightenment. It bestows ‘kanakam’ or precious stones.
Ushna (Rasla) Devi Samedha Maha Rudram Puja – The Sri Rudram chant is very powerful as it refers to the 82 suktas extracted from the Yajur Veda. Many of these are directly addressed to the divinity of Lord Rudra. This Puja grants you knowledge, intellect and gives you blessings of vasthu (property).

Uma Devi Samedha Shankara Puja – shankara blesses you with a happy married life, removes wedding obstacles and ensures that you get a well suited partner. get vahanam (vehicle) blessings through this puja.

Neeyuktha Devi Samedha Neelalohitha Puja - Lord Shiva has a blue throat and therefore the name. Just like the way he swallowed the poison, all your troubles and distresses will go down the drain. The ritual also ensures that you’re bestowed with dhanyam or food grains all your life.

Sarpi Devi Samedha Ishana Rudra Puja – He is the regent of the north eastern direction. He possesses excellent qualities of controlling mortal and divine beings and is associated with the sky or ether. He grants harmony and peace besides ‘Yadhinashanam’ or relief from severe ailments.

Ela Devi Samedha Vijaya Rudra Puja – By performing this puja, get victory in all spheres of your life and also blessings of ‘puthra santhanam’ (blessings of progeny).

Ambika Devi Samedha Bheema Rudra Puja – This puja gives strength to face all tasks with confidence and will power. Get physical and mental powers to resist all types of negativities in your life and expect ‘Jaya prapthi’ or victory all the way.

Iravati Devi Samedha Devadeva Rudra Puja – This Puja to the Lord of Lords helps you achieve fame and popularity and fulfills all types of desires especially ‘Vivaha Mangala’ or marriage blessings.

Sudha Devi Samedha Bavothbhava Rudra Puja - Find relief to severe health problems as this puja acts as a balm to relieve you from pain and trauma. It also allows ‘moksha siddhi’ i.e. Salvation.

Dheeksha Devi Samedha Aditya Maha Sri Rudram Puja - If you are being harassed by evil spirits and have no peace of mind, then this puja is the most effective of all. It also fulfills your desires with regards to career and makes your job search easier.

Lord Ekambareswarar and Kamakshi Amman Puja - A puja to Lord Ekambareswarar and Kamakshi Amman on Pradosham helps you get relief from all planetary doshas and also grants good health, Wealth, longevity, Child boon and prosperity.

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