Shiva Yantra
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Shiva Yantra

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Shiva Yantra

Shiva Yantra brings the mighty blessings of the commanding Lord Shiva. It removes negativity and obstacles. The special yantra adores the worshipper's life with all sorts of fortunes.

About mighty Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the mightiest of the mighty. He is the one who has the power to create as well as destroy the world. His abilities and aura are unmatched and supreme among all. He adores the devotee's life with courage and vitality. The commanding Lord Shiva is the most powerful of all.

Benefits of Shiva Yantra:

Here are the multiple benefits of the sacred ritual:

  1. Shiva Yantra brings abundance and prosperity to life.
  2. It keeps ill spells and evil energies away.
  3. It gives rise to enlightenment, bliss, and excellence in life.
  4. The special yantra prevents the enemy's wrath and removes unwanted obstacles. 
  5. It blesses with consciousness and peace of mind.
  6. It endows luck, wealth, and affluent prosperity.

How to worship Shiva Yantra?

Here are a few incredible ways in which you can use Shiva Yantra-

  1. Place the yantra on a clean altar and ensure it is positioned either east or north.
  2. Do not touch the yantra with dirty hands.
  3. Regularly wash it with clean water or sprinkle that water on it timely.
  4. Place four dots of either sandalwood or vermillion powder on its four sides, including the center.
  5. Light incense sticks in front of the yantra and offers fruits and flowers.
  6. The yantra may get dull in appearance with time. But that's not an issue of concern as it is a natural phenomenon.
  7. Chant the ''Om Namah Shivaya'' mantra while doing yantra puja to attain more precious windfalls.

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