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Purna Kalasam - Copper

Purna Kalasam - Copper


Purna kalasam is a metal pot made up of Copper used for spiritual Pujas and Homam. Kalasam refers to such a pot filled with water and poured with Theertha powder. On top mango leaves and coconut are placed. The Mango leaves are placed in that tip of the leaves touch the Kalasa water and coconut sometimes tied with red colour cloth or thread. 

On the top of the coconut is uncovered . A scared thread is wrapped around the pot.This whole arrangement is called Purna Kalasam. Sometimes the Kalasam is filled with coins, grain, gems, gold, or a combination of these items instead of water.


Product Code     :  ML0027
Weight               :  1kg
Metal                 :  Copper

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