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Ramakrishna Jayanti

Ramakrishna Jayanti Special

Mahakali Homam

Supreme Powerful Homam Invokes Divine Self-Awareness, Abundance in Life, Eliminate Evil Spirits

Scheduled Live On February 25 , 2020 @ 6 PM


Ramakrishna Jayanthi - A Day to Revere a Great Guru & an Absolute Devotee of Mahakali

Kamarpukur, a small village in Kolkata is the birth place of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa on 18th February, 1836. He is known as "Ramakrishna Gadadhar Chattopadhyay". When he was a child, he was called as "Gadadhar". Right from his young age he experienced spiritual bliss and was guided by divergent religious belief. During nineteenth century, he had a special mystic power and was known for his devotion towards "Goddess Kali", "Shakta", "Vaishnava" and "Advaita", a doctrine of Upanishad, an ultimate in substance. He is popular and best saint of that period, a divine Yogi. His works and accomplishments is the state of art believed to be from supernatural power or blessings from God and Goddesses. The word Divine comes from God or being God and Yogi is attainment and fulfillment. 

As a priest of Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, his spiritual frame of mind and elation moderately enabled him to achieve stages of universal empowerment. His knowledge and temperament have attracted various religious followers, learned, who later became his disciples. Dakshineswar Kali Temple, symbolically represent nine precious gemstones, located in Dakshineswar, situated on the banks of Hooghly River, is a leading deity Goddess "Bhavatarini", appearing in an another form as Goddess "MahaKali". She one who liberates devotees from cosmic cycle of existence i.e. cycle of death and rebirth, also called as "Samsara". The word Samsara has wide understanding, namely transmigration of soul to another body after death, a karmic cycle, a learning ideology which eliminates, Bad Intentions, Thought Patterns, Cosmic Cycles, Aimless Drifting and Wandering or Mundane Existence.


Goddess Mahakali - Gain Self-Consciousness, Build Morale, Remove disobedience

MahaKali is associated with sensuality and ferocity, a strong divine mother, symbolizes the motherly love and affection. The divine spirituality of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa is a down to earth personality and a "Goddess Kali" worshipper.  MahaKali is one among the most powerful embodiment of ten Mahavidyas. It is the cosmic energy a vital source that animates all forms of Shakti, from which the nine Mahavidyas are emerged and with this advent MahaKali has been promulgated at an appropriate time and at appropriate place for saving the universe from evil spirits, pronounce self-consciousness, love and affection, strength to the devotees, widely sharing her morale and power of control with an propounding force and multi-varying characteristic features. MahaKali is a symbol of Courage, Strength, cessation and winning force. She one who destroy enemies, ignorance, inculcate moral standards, keep the universe in order and bless and liberate the natives for the cause of Good and Godly love and affection.


Mahakali Moola Mantra


“Om Kring Kalikaye Namah”


Pleasing the Divine Mother chanting the above mantra, asking her blessing for pure consciousness


Mahakali Beej Mantra

“Om Krim Kali”


Chanting the above mother will protect from evil force


Significance of Mahakali Homam On Ramakrishna Jayanthi

On Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa Birthday, Jayanthi MahaKali Homam is performed to respect the divine mother who is the powerful in deed deliverance and sensational quality of mobility, appearing as a vital force of every human-being, one who destroys incomprehension's and fantasies. Her physical portrayal is Dark and Fearful with a blood-coated tongue projecting outside and also wear a garland of severed human heads wearing around the neck neatly arranged in sequence as a chain without fear, which only denotes the character of fearsome aspects of a Divine Mother. Goddess Mahakali is a symbol of cosmic time, who presides over all life stages of human-being. She is the power dominance, authority and universal.  She resembles as a God of Fire, with seven flickering tongues of flame, a dark consort of Lord Shiva.  Her attire is fearful, frightening with unsympathetic eyes, Tongue with blood Shades and four arms holding blood slaying swords and holding in two a severed head of a demon. In other two holding a bearing appearance of fearlessness and bestowing benefits.  Around her waist several severe arms of demons has been gathered as a belt adding beauty to  her divine energy. 



  • Bless life with Self-Awareness, remove Black Magic, Witchcraft, Evil-Eye

  • Strategize Life with Sound Health, Cure Prolonged Illness, incurable diseases

  • Bestow life with Financial Gains, remove debts, eradicate poverty

  • Bless the beauty of Self-Image, Curtail unknown mysterious and evil force

  • Negate past and present sins, solve court cases, make future bright and perfect

  • Remove misfortune, bad luck, bless abundance in life, wealth and prosperity


Here Are The Other Added Auspicious Rituals For The Day


Guru Puja - Bless Divine Spirit of Mundane, Relieve Insubordination, Immorality

Guru Puja is offered to invoke spiritual acquaintance between the Guru and the disciple, offering prayers and kalasha puja to spiritual Guru "Swami Vivekananda", invokes purity of mind and soul, self-consciousness and blessed to attain highest levels in life, by creating more astronomers, mathematicians and physicists and stalwarts like "Ramakrishna Paramahamsa" who work for the welfare of the universe, with moral values.