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Rani Sati Devi Temple Prasad,Jhunjhunu

Rani Sati Devi Temple


Rani Sati Devi is a prominent temple in the Jhunjhunu area of Rajasthan.  Goddess Sati is also prominently known as Narayani Devi. She is profoundly known as Dadi Ji and is adored by the people for her authentic character.


The most gleaming part of the Rani Sati Devi temple is that there is no giant statue of any god or goddesses in the temple. There is a big Trishul that the devotees worship with sheer commitment.  The elegant murals and glasses embellish the temple’s architectural contour.  Rani Sati Devi used to dwell in Jhunjhunu, and she is prominent for performing sati after the death of her husband. People started admiring her for her strong will and unflinching courage. This temple celebrates her, and people from across India visit the temple and offer prayers to the Supreme Devi.


Important festival


Navratri is celebrated in the temple avenues with sheer zeal and fervour. A special puja also takes place on the new moon day of every month. Devotees come in great numbers and take the benefit of this special puja.


What will you receive?


The devotees coming to Rani Sati Devi Temple will receive the pious blessings of Devi Sati. Devotees will also receive a special prasad of the temple, a photo of Devi Sati, a locket, a special Raksha kavach, sweet petha, and saffron clothing.


Special note


We want to make clear that templefolks.com is not a temple agent. We perform puja on behalf of devotees with the temple’s head priest. The fees charged encompass government tax, transportation, and prasad expenses. Our team will deliver the prasad to Indian residents in 7 days and to out of India residents in only 15 days.





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