Ratnagiri Temple Puja.


Ratnagiri Temple is located in Kilminnal, Tamil Nadu. The famous Hindu temple is committed to Lord Murugan. He is religiously worshipped here in two forms- Lord Thirukkolam and Lord Gurukkolam. The temple is a prominent hub for Lord Murugan supreme devotees. They throng the temple to worship the mighty lord. But you can still celebrate puja at this famous temple without actually coming here. You can subscribe to Ratnagiri Temple Pujas from templefolks.com and cherish the great boons. 


Benefits of Ratnagiri Temple Puja.


  • Lord Murugan helps devotees in eliminating dire implications of ego, illusion, and fortune.
  • Ratnagiri Temple Puja imparts devotees with knowledge and good intellect.
  • Ratnagiri Temple Puja blesses worshippers with the gift of confidence and grace.


All these benefits can ultimately be yours. Your only job is to register for Temple Puja from our service stretch.


Ratnagiri Murugan Temple Puja Tmings.



  • Ushakkala or sunrise puja takes place at 06:00 AM.
  • Kaala Sandhi Puja at 07:00 AM.
  • Uchikkala or noon Puja at 12:00 PM.
  • Saayaraksha or sunset Puja at 06:00 in the twilight.
  • Ardhajama or night puja at 08:00 PM.


If you are willing to have a well-executed puja at the renowned temple, then register for the same from templefolks.com.


Special Note


Templefolks.com doesn't work as a temple broker. We are famous puja service providers, and our primary duty is to get puja done for you on your behalf with the temple's priest. The fees we charge include transportation, buying prasad, and government tax costs. For Indian residents, we deliver prasad in just 7 days. Out of India, inhabitants receive their prasad in 15 days. 



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