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Religious Disarmament

Religious Disarmament  
Rethinking Conversion in India

by Rudolf C. Heredia         
ISBN(Hardbound):  8121212146, 9788121212144
Price(Hardbound): 990.00 INR
Pages: 336
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2014
Edition: 1st

Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Religious Disarmament:

Today religious extremism and fundamentalism is whipping up another wave of terror that seems unbalanced and uncontrollable. We need to step back from the brink with a determined religious disarmament, not to dismiss or negate religion but to disarm and discard the aggression and violence of those that who indulge in, and those who seek to contain this religiously inspired madness. Religious conversion is an unavoidable stumbling block for any aspiration for religious harmony, for any real hope of true religious understanding, both of which are so essential to contain a potentially divisive diversity. Extremism on either side leaves little room for a middle ground of sanity and common sense. There are exclusive positions that negate such a possibility. Inclusive positions too can have their problems when they absorb other differences, leaving little room for distinctiveness. We need a starting position, and we cannot avoid beginning from where we are, within our own perspectives and commitments. We must engage at this level if we are to repair the damage of the past, to heal old wounds and make anew our future. As we claim our common humanity, we open ourselves to discovering together a richness and depth that we could never have alone. Conversion is a complex and emotionally charged issue. Fundamentalists of all hues exploit it, liberals confuse it, many do not really comprehend what all the fuss is about, and many more just do not want to get involved. However, especially in a multi-cultural, pluri-religious society like ours, it is a problem that cannot be wished away. For like it or not, we are all in some way involved. In today\'s surcharged context of minority-bashing and anti-conversion laws, of majoritarian politics and minority vote-banks, the issues implied get more explosive everyday. Sooner rather than later we must grasp the nettle. But if discretion is the better part of valour, then besides courage we will need discernment to disentangle the complications and sort out the confusion, to wrest the discussion from all those who use religion for chauvinistic or egotistic, extremist or obscurantist purposes.


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