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Roots of Naadi Astrology

Roots of Naadi Astrology
by Satyanarayana Naik
ISBN (Paperback):9788170821366 
Price (Paperback):350.00 INR 
Language: English

About Roots of Naadi Astrology:

Roots of Naadi Astrology is a practical study material on different Naadi systems selected from classical and modern works. The author has experimented on applicability of the rules from these Naadi systems. In this monumental work he restricts himself in presenting the most useful principles and avoids unnecessary texts. He puts his logical observations while presenting the topics.

He covers the following great works in this volume.
1. Dhruva Naadi ( Satya Jataka)
2. Universally applicable rules from Chandra Kala Naadi
3. Bhrighu Nandi Naadi

From Modern works he selects applicable Naadi principles of
1.Stellar system that uses Component of Panchanga.
2.Stellar system that uses Jeeva and Sareera principle.
3.Stellar system that uses Dasha Bhukti divisions in zodiacThroughout the book he uses an example horoscope to establish the applicability of the rules in different Naadi systems .

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