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Saturn Transit

Saturn Transit in Capricorn, 2020

Shani Graha Shanthi Homam

Eradicate Enemies, Venomous Spirits, Awaken Growth, Wealth and Prosperity

Scheduled Live on January 24, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


Saturn Transit 2020 in Capricorn

Saturn the zodiac sign of 'Shani' is known for a fair play in one's life, which shows the positive and negative side of life, with reality. Here faith is a static point to reach a sustainable quality of mind and thoughts. Saturn being the leader of solutions possess good leadership qualities, is a perfect mentor who presents bigger picture to recover a injurious past through disciplinarian solutions.


The period of Saturn is an important slice in the eye of Vedic astrology. It signifies transit of the planet Saturn from Sagittarius to Capricorn sign. The transit falls on 24th January, 2020 and will reside in Capricorn until 17th January, 2023. The Capricorns in the Makara Rasi being the natural 10th House of the zodiac. During this period the Capricorns will need to overcome many hurdles in life, lose the key characteristics of life under the planetary Lord Saturn, precisely forbearance, determination, and mending.


In a common man's day to day life, due to this Saturn transit shall kill the beauty of life, face adverse problems, due to impatience and timid behaviour end up with doing foolish things and face negative theme of life pushing him, into darkness. Though the enemies get an advantage over the Capricorns, but love to adore the success formation of life in a phased manner. Nevertheless, Saturn transit in its own sign indicates concern over the professional life.


The Saturn Transit Effects for Zodiac Signs

Aries - Both positive and negative effects
Taurus - Family bonding, health matters take a hit, to work hard to achieve goals.
Gemini - Strain Marital and spouse relationship, financial condition worsen
Cancer - Professional life, transfer of job likely to take place
Leo - Positive results, rivals and opponents will fail
Virgo - Face challenges in life, off-spring delays and miscarriage
Libra - Lack of confidence and mental stress, short journeys possible
Scorpio - Favourable and promising, satisfied family life, good financial status
Sagittarius - Small issue causes big concern, lack of concentration, bring changes in life
Capricorn - Professional life may not be supportive, expenditure mounts, foreign travel on the cards
Aquarius - Unknown fear cause sleep disorders, health issues prevail
Pisces - Favourable, confidence level remain high, energetic, conclude marriage proposals


Acquire blessings from Lord Shani will higher your energy levels, being efficient, better you feel

Shani Graha Shanthi Homam is highly successful in producing desired results, have stood the test of time where changes are inevitable. This Homam is very particular in deifying an image of God, causing the god to enter "Kalasa" a ceremonial object, by reciting Navagraha Mantra, both together is called " Kalasa Avaganam", where the word kalasa is made of up brass pot filled with a clear aqueous rose water substances and the word avaganam means, inspire the Lord Shani to create positive vibrations of unregulated joys and peace, liberation from evils and bad karmas. On the top of the brass pot kept a tender coconut for breaking of egotism which is a prerequisite to attain wisdom.


This Homam is extremely powerful and incredibly performed to please Lord Shani to minimize the effects of obstruction, state of being upset, great pain, difficulties, ill, and capable of placing contrary position reversing the bad to good. Once this homam is performed the natives will see improvements personally in life and also improve the status of health, wealth, bonding, personal and professional career, strength, courage and succeeding.


  • Reverse adversities, stay stronger, courageous
  • Bless strong relationship with spouse, groom bonding
  • Materialize inventions, conquer losses in business ventures
  • Safety from danger, protection from evil spirits and bad karmas
  • Bestow with good things in life, clear hurdles, delays and frustration
  • Remove haze, overcome grief and misfortunes, bless prosperity
  • Gain good health, wealth and hassle free life


Special Archana to Lord Shani Dev at Temples


Pozhichalur Agatheeswarar Temple Puja - Purify conscience, Enable Wealth, Knowledge and Happiness

This Saturn transit shows good or bad time, great or worst oppurtunities, pushing devotees to troubles and hardships. To get relief from all negativities and sins, Lord Shani worshipped Lord Shiva's temple at Pozhichalur, created a holy pond called "Nallar Sani Theertham" and got relieved from all sins and problems. Performing archana at this temple will clear all your life-time hurdles, purges and purify thoughts and action, vindictive desires, guarantees good reaping, will be blessed with money, wedding bells and prosperity.


Thirukollikadu Agnieeswarar Temple Puja - Remove Intangibility, Bless Truth, Beauty and Justice

Agnieeswarar is Lord Shiva a swamyambumurthi, a presiding deity with his consort Goddess Parvati.  Lord Shani is in a peak form at this temple with mercy, appeared before Emperor Nalla, at Bana Theertha exponentially blessed that he would relieve the king from all adverse effects at Tirunallar. Here, Lord Shani is praised as Anugraha Shani. Doing archana at this temple is auspicious and devotees are blessed with boons of wedding bells, children's, job oppourtunities, health and wealth prospects.


Tirunallaru Darbaaranyeswarar Temple Puja - Invoke Understanding of Lowest and Weakest, Conquer Power of Strength, Applause

The legend Emperor Nalla underwent severe sufferings from the effects of Lord Shani losing his kingdom, split from his wife, went down diminutively, in appearance. King Nala offered prayers to Lord Shani at this temple, by taking bath at the temple pond 'Nala Theertham'. Lord Shani turned mercy and blessed the king to regain his kingdom, family and happiness. Doing archana at this temple has immense effect of divine nature with discipline, determination, courage, strength, stable health and financial stability.


Kuchanur Saneeswaran Temple Puja - Purify Mind From Bitterness, Let the Light of Supreme Well-Being, Glitters

A popular navagraha temple at the banks of river Surabhi in Kuchanur, Lord Shani is in self-manifested form enriches life of devotees by worshiping and dipping themselves in the holy river. King Dinakaran who once ruled kalinganadu, was under Lord Shani curse for seven and a half-years, sat on a penance to invoke the blessings of Lord Shani. Lord Shani appeased of the king's prayers at Senbaganallur, accepted his prayers and relieved of his curses and ill-effects. Doing archana at this temple will be blessed with abundance in life, divine thoughts, physically and emotionally strong, attain mental equilibrium.


Here Are The Other Added Auspicious Rituals For The Day


Narayana Puja - Remove Bad Karmas, Bless Wealth and Prosperity

'Narayana' means, "Eternally high", a reflection of Truth. Puja is a religious act with purity of mind and heart, performing divine rituals with God as witness, to thrive off natural highs. This puja is to offer prayers to Lord Vishnu is a boost for life to recover from impurities, end miseries by observe fast. You will blessed for getting high off life, abundance protection from evil spirits, heal and strengthen one's courage, bestow health, wealth and prosperity, and balance out the evils.


Hanuman Puja - Relieve Health Effects, Gain Productivity, Financial Gains

Lord Hanuman is a god of wind, an eternal strength, everlasting depth and breadth of spirit, which connects  authentic divine worship to Lord Hanuman. This Puja cures  illness, blessed with resilient physically, being powerful, peaceful and bestow radiant health, relieve from internal tension, discomforts of body and soul, attain strength, wisdom and prosperity. Lord Hanuman powerful mantra makes one's life successful with lot of brightness in life.


Mahakali Puja - Gain Mental and Physical Power, End Infertility

Goddess Mahakali is the first form of all Mahavidya's, the divine mother of earth, the primal energy is the fiercest form of Goddess Parvati consort of Lord Shiva. This Puja will end evil power in one's life, protect and safeguard the divine spirits, fills you with strenght, courage, attain good financial position, relief from debts, health problems, disabilities, bestow growth, wealth and prosperity. Life become happier and joyful and provide great energy and strength to do best in all areas of life.


Lighting of Black Sesame Lamp at Shani Temple - Removes the Darkness & Ignorance in One's Life

Ellu Villaku contains black sesame wrapped in black cloth and pure gingerly oil. The black color of the wick symbolizes the darkness in one's life and by lighting the lamp helps you to get rid of that darkness & ignorance with the power blessings of Shani Bhagwan.

Donation of Sesame Seed Dessert Balls At Temple - Offering Sesame is Incredible, Attain Life Desires, Navagraha Blessings

Offering Sesame Dessert Balls to appease Shani Dev, to bestow happiness and long life. Black sesame seed dessert balls are made of black sesame mixed with jaggery which are offered during the period of Saturn Transit, appeasing Shani Dev an offering to clear all evil effects and negative sacrifices. By this way we are blessed with abundance of healthy proteins, vitamin deficiency, solving health issues, as a gratitude and also appease the God of recreation to bless us with wealth, prosperity and immortality.


Personalized Saturn Prediction Report - God has a Perfect Plan for You, Make Changes Favourable to You

Saturn Transit Report reveals if the planet has favourable and unfavourable changes, relating to your birth chart particulars. The transit of Saturn brings both positive or negative changes in one's career in finance, health and personal life perspectives. An overview of the potential impact of the transit with detailed information will help you to plan your future accordingly. Our expert astrologers suggest remedies if there is malefic or unfavourable situations to strengthen various aspects in life, who prepares the transit report with great dynamism and analytical acumen.

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