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Shani Jayanti Puja

Shani Jayanthi – A Day of Dosha Removal, Luck & Fortune

Shani Jayanthi or Shani Amavasya is a day of new moon when Lord Shani who rules planet Saturn was born. Shani has a strong influence in the life of all, according to Vedic astrology. It’s a day of worship of the lord who can change your destiny according to his will when he is malefic in your birth chart. People with seven-and-a- half-year Saturn and other doshas fast and pray on this day. Prayers on this day bring luck and fortune and Shani’s position along with the other Navagraha’s should be feasible for one to progress in all matters of life. This year it falls on May 22nd, 2020. shani graham shanthi homa and Hanuman homa on the day of shani jayanthi can be very apt and highly propitious to arrest the ill-effects of the most feared planet in the astrological system. 

Blessings of Shani & Hanuman on Shani Jayanthi Provides Relief to Disorders Due To Saturn Effects

Shani Jayanthi is quite special for people whose horoscopes are inflicted by Shani dosha. Rituals and religious ceremonies relieve the Saturn inflicted persons from all types of distresses caused by malefic Saturn. Yagyas also keeps off the terrible influence of witchcraft, black magic and other negativities.  He is ready to help others if he is satisfied with the rituals and gives results according to Karma of the individual. Shani Jayanthi is also the birthday of the fearful planet and he gets pleased on the day when invoked. it also helps to remove malefic effects of Shani and get rid of negative energies from life. For those with doshas in the horoscope like seven and a half year affliction or other types of impediments due to Saturn, the Shani Jayanthi seems right to please the planet and earn his blessings. people also visit temples to pray to the planet god for good fortune and prosperity.


Nothing can be more ideal than praying Lord Hanuman on Shani Jayanthi because he rules over Saturn. Lord Hanuman can suppress the evil effects of Shani and bring goodness into your life. It helps to achieve prosperity and remove negative vibes from your home. Worshipping the Lord on the day bestows success in all endeavours and fulfills all desires in life.


Shani Jayanthi Special 


Shani Graha Shanthi Homam & Hanuman Homam


Scheduled Live On June 03, 2019 @ 6 AM IST 


Shani Graha Shanthi Homam - Boosts Your Income, Provides Respite to Health & Marital Issues

The procedure for Shani homam on Shani Jayanthi involves Kalasa Avaganam that is bringing the powers of Saturn to a kalasa or energised pot filled with aromatic water and covered with coconut and other decorations.  By chanting mantras with sanctity and devotion, the deities’ powers are felt and thereby he is formally invited to the ceremonies dedicated in His name.


Shani Graha Shanthi Homam is carried out to pacify planet Saturn and to get the endowments of the lord so that life goes on easily. It also helps to minimise malefic impacts so that peace can be restored in your life. Saturn is the lord of Karma. Saturn presents all proceeds to those enthusiasts who petition him with full commitment. Shani Shanti Homa is said to assume exceptionally crucial part to mollify a malicious Shani to evacuate or minimise the malefic impact of Shani i.e. Saturn on you and to grant good luck, peace and prosperity.



  • Eradicate poor health and diseases
  • Find solution to marital problems
  • Get rid of losses in business
  • Keeps you safe & protected against all malefic effects of Saturn
  • To usher in prosperity, good health and peace
  • All losses in income can be overcome
  • Gain authority, power and stability


Hanuman Homam - Nullify Saturn Effects and Demolish Tough Problems

Lord Hanuman also known as Anjaneya, Kesari, Nandi, Maharudra, Bajrang Bali, Maruti, etc is said to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is known for his boundless quality of immense power, great exploits, strength, devotion and perseverance. He stands tall and mighty and he’s the most popular deity of the Hindu pantheon. He rules over Saturn and can nullify its bad effects. Perform Rituals to this mighty lord cures all diseases, grants valour, protection from evil, enemies and dark enchantment. 


Shani can cause impediments in your life during its main and sub period, mahadasa and antradasa or when it is malefic during its seven and a half period or when he is in the fourth house arthashtama shani or eighth house ashtama shani. During these periods, he causes disturbances in the lives of the natives. Lord Hanuman Homam thwarts all the ill effects caused by this dreaded planet. This ritual bring success in all your important tasks and give you tremendous physical and mental strength. 



  • Achieve prosperity and remove negative vibes
  • Relief from bad effects of Saturn planet
  • All tough problems can be solved easily
  • Remove hurdles preventing success in business
  • Relief from incurable diseases & long lasting illness
  • Get Relief From Evil Forces
  • Achieve success in all endeavors


Here are the other Added Auspicious Rituals for the day:-


Mahakali Yantra Puja - Emits the Divine Power of Goddess Mahakali

Mahakali Yantra is a very powerful Yantra that emits the power of Goddess Mahakali. A special puja for this Yantra give protection from negativity and malefic effects of Planet Saturn, nullify the ill-effects of black magic, free from bad influences of spirits and bestows fulfilment of desires and material comforts. 


Shani Sukta Parayanam & Moola Mantra Beejakshara Homam - Removes Negativity & Invites Prosperity 

The planet Saturn is the second largest and one of the most important in the solar system. It is also one of the feared planets because of its long unfavourable transits in a zodiac. The Shani Sukta Parayanam and Moola Mantra Beejakshara Homam involve recitation of mantras that invoke the planet lord. The seed mantras are chanted along with a homam being performed in the name of Saturn god.  It’s favourable for those with malefic Saturn in the charts. It also benefits those facing misfortunes, suffering from evil eye or black magic, prolonged illness, nullify negative karma, depression, lack of confidence etc.  Once all negativity is eliminated, it paves way for prosperity, good health and peace. 

Thirukkollikadu Pongu Saneeswarar Temple Puja - Showers' Prosperous Blessings 

Lord Shiva granted darshan to Lord Shani in the form of Agni (Fire) & made him Pongu (Prosperous) Sani. In this temple, Lord Shani Bhagwan is holding a plough in his hand indicating the dignity of labour. It is noteworthy that the temple is facing west which belongs to the Planet Saturn zodiac circle. A puja in this temple on the special day of Lord Shani give relief from adverse aspects of Saturn.


Lighting of Black Sesame Lamp at Shani Temple - Removes the Darkness & Ignorance in One's Life

Ellu Villaku contains black sesame wrapped in black cloth and pure gingerly oil. The black color of the wick symbolizes the darkness in one's life and by lighting the lamp helps you to get rid of that darkness & ignorance with the power blessings of Shani Bhagwan.

Energised Shani Yantra Kavacham Locket - Propitiate an Afflicted Saturn & Achieve Rajayoga

Shani Yantra Kavacham indicates success in business, worldly affairs & helps you to achieve great heights. Wearing this locket is one of the best remedies to overcomes the troubles caused due to malefic effects of Saturn and achieve Rajayoga through complete blessings of Shani Dev.


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