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Supreme Trinities - Sharabha Narasimha Pratyangira Homam


Achieve Supreme Blessings from Three Super Powers for Material Prosperity, Goal Fulfillment & Restrain Negativity in Any Form


Scheduled Live on October 13, 2019 @ 6 PM IST



Sharad Purnima: A Full Moon Day of Extraordinary Healing Powers & Miraculous 16 Kalas

The Purnima or full moon appearing in the month of Sharad, the month of Ashwin or Puratassi in Tamil, is a day of resplendence and extreme magnificence. It’s also a day of rejuvenation and the Moon seems brightest of all the full moons ever.  It’s also called Kojagiri, Navanna or Kaumudi Purnima.


The Moon and Earth are very close to each other on this day thereby emitting its healing rays that nourish the body and soul of the common man. It drips elixir to sustain life and prolongs life on earth. This panacea possesses extraordinary healing and nourishing properties that if one cooks sweet porridge and keeps it out on the night of the full moon and consumes it the next morning, then the radiant powers of the moon are absorbed by the body. The moon also exhibits 16 types of kalas on this day, making man a perfect human being.


Attain 364 Combined Blessings of Three Most Powerful Deities for Overall Protection

Supreme Trinity Mahashakti, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are the protectors of humans. When severe adversities befall, they are the most compassionate and quick to relieve us from pitfalls of life. Invoking these super powers is very auspicious for their benevolent blessings.


Vedicfolks Supreme Trinities homam pays obeisance to these forms that will be worshipped in the forms of Goddess Pratyangira, Lord Sarabeshwara and Lord Narasimha. It may be noted that these forms manifested at the time of Narasimha avatar. So, a homa to these combined forms can go a long way in fetching their combined blessings that’s unique and highly powerful as the deities themselves.


It is said that the Super Trinity ritual satisfies 364 needs for human happiness thus leading to divine fulfilment. This ritual is so powerful that it negates afflictions due to planetary influences like that of Mars, Sun, Mercury and Rahu. It has great potential of allaying doshas such as pitru dosha, ancestral dosha and severe marital crisis.


Lord Sarbeshwara the Power God that Controlled Lord Narasimha

Lord Sarbeshwara is a powerful, mystical form of Lord Shiva that appeared to contain the anger of Lord Narasimha. This is the 30th avatar of the 64 that Lord Shiva manifested in. According to Vedic knowledge, Lord Shiva said that, “to annihilate the demon, Lord Narasimha arrived and to appease Lord Narasimha I have come”. He also said that the two incarnations are the same like water and water, milk and milk, ghee and ghee, both inseparable and ought to be worshipped as one.


Lord Sarbeshwara Homa - Gain Strength to Face Hardships 

Lord Sarbeshwara Homa has the power to wipe off sins, get rid of afflictions caused by bad dreams, relieves you from chronic ailments, disasters both natural and man-made like floods, thunder, lightening, cyclone, poisonous bites and crushes immorality. He can also eliminate obstacles in marriage, progeny, clear debts, and put down evil effects.



  • Eradicate fearlessness and gain strength to face hardships.
  • Clear debts and assure all-round prosperity.
  • Remove negative effects both natural and man-made.
  • Remove obstacles in marriage or progeny and neutralise effects of black magic.
  • Get relief from chronic ailments including afflictions caused by bad dreams.


Lord Narasimha Represents Triumph of Good over Evil

Lord Narasimha is the fourth avatar of Maha Vishnu. Lord Narasimha is an all pervading god of spiritual knowledge, wealth, valour, strength and has great compassion towards his devotees. Lord Maha Vishnu is the protector of the Universe and bestows positive energies that shield devotees against evil and negative forces. The incarnation of Lord Narasimha is a great demonstration of triumph of good over evil. He annihilates all those who cause malevolence to his devotees and listens to their true prayers.


Narasimha Homam - Achieve Material Prosperity & Get Relief to Nagging Problems 

The homam to Lord Narasimha helps subdue enemies, escape from their evil designs. The mantras chanted at the time of homa protect the devotees from all crude evil and dangers. It transmits positive vibrations around and quells negative energies both from your personal and professional space. The ritual grants material wealth, happiness and prosperity. It also leads one to ultimate spiritual goal of liberation and grants success to you in everything that you do.



  • The Narasimha Homam helps acquire more wealth and riches, happiness and prosperity.
  • The homa destroys malefic effects of planets and grants good relief to nagging problems of life.
  • It also mitigate problems related to Karmic doshas
  • The ritual removes all sins and attain ultimate spiritual goal of liberation.
  • It is a sure way to attain spiritual wisdom and knowledge


Goddess Pratyangira Devi, a fierce form of Shakti, a Mother to All  

Among all the manifestation of divine mother, Goddess Pratyangira is the most powerful and . She can repel evil energies like witchcraft, evil eye, sorcery, voodoo etc. When her energy manifests, it’s often as very swift and ferocious current. She is a combination of lion and human and has another moniker called Narasimhika. The goddess repels negative karma and guides those taking the spiritual path. She makes you prosper in life, destroys curses, black magic and all forms of evil. She’s the most lovable mother for those who are devoted to her and seek solace in her.


Pratyingira Homam - Ensure Goal Fulfillment & End Negativity in any Form

Performing Pratyangira Homam safeguards you from all sorts of evil like black magic and misfortunes. This homam completes the requirement of individuals who want to attain success in life without any difficulties from negative forces. The goddess destroys enemies, removes any fear and also quickly subdues them. She is also worshipped to remove menace of spirits, ghosts and fills your space with her protective energy. She enhances will power, self-esteem, self-confidence and empowers everyone to complete goals to perfection. She prevents accidents and ensures that you have a safe journey.



  • Get rid of all types of Black Magic, witch-craft and evil eye  
  • Stay clear of negative energy and evil forces
  • Removes all types of obstacles that cause hindrance to your overall progress
  • The ritual increases will power, self-esteem, self-confidence and empowers to fulfill goals successfully.
  • Find solution to all incidents causing mental trauma
  • Remove negative forces, pain, fear and suffering from your life.


Here are the other Added Auspicious Rituals for the day


Rudram Chamakam Chanting - Fulfill All Material Desires 

The Rudram Chamakam is a Vedic hymn dedicated to Rudra, an aspect of Lord Shiva.  It occupies a very important place in Vedic literature and grants whatever is asked for. The chanting assures both bhukthi (attainment of material benefits) and mukthi (expiate worst of sins). The chanting also removes fear, frees negative effects of planetary positions, brings bountiful crop, great wealth, cures diseases, removes bad effects of karma, protects near and dear ones, grants good children, fulfills material desires and destroys enemies.


Powerful Navarna Puja - Provides Blessings Of Trinity Goddesses

The Navarna is a powerful mantra dedicated to Goddess Durga who rules the Maha Meru. Chanting these powerful notes during the ritual gives you good health, abundance, fame and protection. The mantra is designed in such a way that it invokes all three trinity goddesses, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. By doing puja reciting this powerful mantra we call upon the three goddesses to support us spiritually, mentally and physically. The benefits of navarna puja gives the devotee tremendous will power and confidence, keeps off diseases, enemies and planets in horoscope become harmless, creates wealth, removes problems & hurdles and also provides a sense of pure bliss and joy.

Pratyangira Devi Temple Puja - Keeps Severe Negativity in Check

Maha Prathyangira Devi Temple, situated in Bangalore is a powerful shrine and its primary purpose is to transform the material self-centred self into a spiritual self of unconditional love which is the foundation for success in both spiritual and material world. A puja in this temple is known for its powerful pujas and yagyas that provide relief from black magic, evil forces and foes.


Lakshmi Narasimha Temple Puja - Grants Wealth, Good Health and Success

This ancient temple which was once in a dilapidated state and now flourishing, has a very powerful image of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Perumal. Goddess Lakshmi is seated on the left thigh of the lord and the right hand exhibits the posture of assurance that he will save all from any harm. A puja in this divine temple blesses you with wealth, success, good health and pleasant family relationship.


Kampaheswarar Temple Puja - Lightens Debt Burden, Confers Job Promotion

Lord Sarbeshwara manifests in this temple as Kampaheswarar and the temple is well-known for its daily saraba homa. A puja in this temple relieves you from illness, legal tangles, effects of witchcraft, threats from hidden enemies, worries, spells, bad effects of planets, grants promotion in job, bestows wise progeny and frees from debt burden.  The puja to the lord also relieves you from neurological disorders, shivering and unknown fear, stunted brain development and other ailments. Goddess Ambika, his consort vanquishes sins, ensures unity among couples and grants child blessings.


Energised Maha Meru - Creates Unlimited Wealth & Spreads Positivity 

Goddess Shakti is personified or represents the Maha Meru. It is believed all deities manifested from this great seat of power and the Mother herself resides in the form of Shri Vidya at the top of the Meru. It blesses the devotee with popularity, power, authority, peace, a lavish life, abundance and success. It is very useful to the Kali yuga as the yantra spreads positivity and good fortune. The universe is contained in three states – creation, maintenance and destruction, and represented by three circles in the Maha Meru. When it is elevated it looks like the Sumeru Mountain that balances the whole universe. The Meru grants blessings of Ashta Siddhis. With the Meru in hand, one can have assurance to overcome evil, to create unlimited wealth, health, good karma and happiness.  


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