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Chinnamasta Maha Homam & Sheetala Devi Homam


Achieve Material Progress, Protection from Severe Heat & Quick Remedy for Major Diseases


Scheduled Live on March 16, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


Sheetala Ashtami: Invoking Two Powerful Adi Shakti Forms for Protection against Onslaught of Severe Summer Months

Eight days after the festival of Holi, the Sheetala Ashtami is celebrated during the spring season in the month of March or sometimes April. Summer months are harsh and during the time people struggle for their lives unable to bear the heat which may also have adverse effects on their life. It is believed that worshipping Mother Sheetala, the goddess of healing, on her Ashtami prevents from encountering deadly diseases. She is a mother to her devotees and takes care of children and cures their diseases, especially related to sores, pustules, skin rashes etc. On the other hand, Goddess Chinnamasta is a symbol of supreme sacrifice, free from desire and capable of spiritual advancement. She grants victory over enemies.


Performing Chinnamasta Maha Homam and Sheetala Devi fire rituals (homam) on the auspicious day of Sheetala Ashtami helps you tackle the onslaught of summer. It keeps you disease free, healthy, prosperous and evil free.


Chinnamasta – A Mahavidya with Ferocious Aspect that Destroys Dark Forces

Chinnamasta is one goddess of the ten Dasa Mahavidyas or Wisdom Goddesses with a unique and terrible physical form. Holding a severed head, that drinks blood from one of the three streams that oozes out of her neck, Goddess Chinnamasta reveals a ferocious aspect. She is capable of destroying dark forces that disturb peace and threaten your progress in life. She grants quick success to all endeavours and overcomes limitations of the mind.


Attain Material Progress, Get Child Blessings & Abundance of Material Wealth with Chinnamasta Homam

Goddess Chinnmastha can be easily pleased by chanting mantras and worshipping yantras. You will be totally satisfied if you please her to the maximum.


The powerful Mother besides granting spiritual powers to the devotees also showers them with material progress and abundant wealth.  She provides befitting solutions to problems in life and gives relief to debt and poverty. The homam prevents one from attaining early or sudden death and corrects the malefic effects of Rahu from one’s birth chart. The ritual destroys evil forces that disturb peace and pose as obstacles in all your activities.For childless couples, this homam provides the boon of a child.


Benefits of Chinnamasta Maha Homam on Sheetla Ashtami

  • Attain material progress and abundant wealth
  • Provides solution to all life problems
  • Get relief from debt and poverty
  • Avoid unforeseen death and prevent Rahu Dosha
  • Stay blessed with a happy married life and good progeny

Sheetla Devi – The ‘Cool’ Goddess That Protects From Major Illnesses

Sheetla Devi or Sheetla Mata is actually a form of goddess Shakti. Her name means the ‘cooling one’. She is known to cure dreaded diseases like chicken pox, measles and small pox. Most of these diseases are spread during the summer months and that’s when the goddess is invoked on her ashtami to save people. She also protects children from small pox and gives them a healthy life. It’s very significant to stress the need of hygiene for good health and therefore worship of Sheetla Mata provides the right motivation to keep our surroundings clean and purified.


Seek Protection from Severe Heat & Major Diseases with Sheetla Devi Homam

The Sheetla Devi Homa provides quick remedy to heat-related diseases like chicken pox, major diseases and provides healing touch to physical sufferings of children. It keeps evil spirits in check and is a good solution to nightmares. It provides a long and healthy life free of all types of ailments.


Benefits of Sheetla Devi Homam on Sheetla Ashtami

  • Quick Recovery from Small Pox/Chicken Pox and other skin infection
  • Removes all physical sufferings of children
  • Shoos away ghosts, evil spirits that haunt toddlers
  • For a long & healthy life free of ailments


Add More Power To the Day With Special Pujas & Products


Powerful Kurudhi Puja - Enriches Career, Wealth & Solves Problems

Kurudhi Puja is a very powerful ceremony performed to invoke the fierce aspect of Goddess Adi Shakti. Kurudhi is a wet mixture of turmeric, slaked lime and other puja materials that is offered to the goddess. It’s a kind of sacrifice and grants relief to problems related to career, health, marriage, infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, anxiety, fear, wealth, depression, husband-wife problems and other family issues.


Ardha Bindu Chakra Puja - Relieves Anxiety, Bestows Balance & Clarity

Ardha Bindu Chakra Puja is performed to one of the chakras above the Sahasrara called Ardha Bindu. It’s relates to Goddess Lalitha and is an important centre for health, gives power for physical and mental recuperation. A puja to this chakra benefits eyesight, quietens emotions and promotes inner harmony, balance and clarity. It relieves anxiety, nervousness, depression and oppressions of the heart.


Raktha Pushpanjali Archana - Annihilates Enemy, Grants Mental Strength

Raktha (blood) and Pushanjali (offering of flowers) denote offering prayers to Goddess Bagavathy or Shakti with red coloured flowers like hibiscus, Nerium (Arali), Ixora (Thecchi) etc. It subjugates enemies, purifies your immune system, provides mental strength and removes fears. The ritual keeps you fit both mentally and physically. Offering red flowers to Goddess Varahi destroys foes and removes fear.


Sri Mahasakthi Sheetla Devi Temple Puja - Grants Relief from 64 Types of Heat-Related Diseases

The Sheetla Devi Temple situated in Madipakkam in Chennai is very popular among devotees who throng the shrine for relief from 64 types of heat related diseases. Mother Sheetla Devi protects from heat-related problems including skin, fever, epidemics like cholera etc. Therefore, a puja to this cool goddess keeps off all summer diseases and ailments.  


Energised Chinnamasta Yantra - Reduces Bad Impact of Rahu, Proliferates Abundance

Chinnamasta Yantra is a powerful and effective one that overcomes the negative planetary implications of Planet Rahu. It symbolises proliferation, be it progeny, wealth or success. The yantra removes problems and protects people from abject poverty, frees limitations of the mind, improves perception, helps to find solutions to problems, grants great focus of mind for meditation etc.


Energised Copper Amulet - Wards off Evil Eye, Attracts Positive Vibrations

The energised ash-filled copper amulet can be worn around the neck with the thread provided. It helps ward off evil eye and other negative energies that near you. The ash has great powers as it is collected from the homa fire that has been energised with mantras related to the ritual of the day. So, keep off bad vibrations away and usher in positivity into your body and home.

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