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Sheetala Homam

Sheetala Homam - To get Recover from Infection Diseases

Goddess Shitala, or Sheetala Mata, is viewed as a form of Shakti. She is believed to the Hindu goddess of pox in North India and is known to spread the feared infection and cure it. She is likewise considered as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and Durga, which are two aspects of Shakti. Goddess Sheetala is prevalent as Mariamman in Tamil Nadu.

Why Sheetala Homam?

Goddess Sheetala Mata without a doubt a standout amongst the most prevalent rustic gods. She literally meant the goddess of cool, and Sheetala Homam is very helpful for getting cured the infection diseases like small pox, skin infection disease, Chicken Pox and other heat related diseases.

Benefits and Significance of Shitala Homam

Sheetala Homam is performed for seeking a favour / kindness from Mata Shitala Devi to get recover from disease like Small Pox and Skin infection.

Performing this homam helps an individual to recuperate from any kinds of heat related disease.

Goddess Sheetala Devi favours her devotees by purifying their blood and devastates the bacteria which cause the infection in body.

Sheetala Devi Mantra

Namami Sheetaladevi Rasbhastha


Marjani Kalshopeta Shurpalankrut Mastaka ||

Recite this Powerful Sheetala Devi Mantra 108 times for getting cured of infection diseases like Pox and Skin infection.

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