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Seethaladevi Mariamman Temple puja: Cures body and mind imbalances 
Seethaladevi Mariamman Temple is located in Sakthipuram in Thiruvarur. Seetalam means cooling and is the mother of the body and mind of the people who worship here, hence the name. This goddess who relieves heat also has other names like Adiparasakthi Kamalampal.
A miracle unheard of in any goddess temple is happening in this temple. The leaves of the ancient birch tree in the temple complex sound. If sweet then something is not potty sweet. The sweetness of this leaf juice like honey is miraculous. The reason for this is not understood even after undergoing various researches. And this leaf is taken out of the temple premises and crushed if eaten.
Devotees consider this to be the grace of Ambal. The temple is located under a vast neem tree. In front of the temple is the Nagalinga tree and under it is the Ganesha. His name is Nagalinga Ganesha. Hanuman has a separate junction. Here the mother is depicted in two figures as the goddess Seethala on the front and the mother of the great mahamai on the back.
The Navratri Ghee Pond Festival is very popular here. On Navratri, a square bowl measuring 7 by 3 is placed in the center of the hall, filled with sugar pongal and worshiped like a pool of ghee in the middle. Devotees say that the goddess' face is visible in it. This is what is offered to the devotees.
It is the belief of the devotees that the thought of worshiping this mother will happen. If a rupee coin is wrapped in a yellow cloth and given to the priest he will place it at the feet of the goddess. Soon the need is fulfilled. After that, they put the money in the piggy bank. Special days here from Chittirai to Panguni. 
Temple opening Time
Morning 8 AM to Evening 8 PM.

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