Shree Chakra Yantra
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Shree Chakra Yantra

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Sree Chakra Yantra

About Sree Chakra Yantra:

One of the holiest and most beneficial yantras is the Sree Chakra yantra, commonly referred to as the Nav Chakra. This chakra stands for the strongest fusion and merging of sound and space. Patterns in the Sree Chakra yantra suggest the human body. Thus, veneration of this yantra helps one achieve wonderful mental and physical wellness.

Significance of Sree Chakra Yantra:

The powerful blessings of the mighty Lord Shiva and the great goddess Shakti are drawn to the Sree Chakra Yantra, making it a very important yantra. Both the commanding Lord Shiva and the mighty Goddess Shakti adore life with strength and radiance. Shiva absorbs all the negatives and suffering from it. This yantra repels all negative energy and fills life with a tremendous amount of happiness and prosperity.


Benefits of Sree Chakra Yantra:

Here are a few of the Sree Chakra Yantra's most notable benefits:

  1. Sree Chakra Yantra eliminates all obstacles in life and bestows tremendous success in all endeavours.
  2. This yantra repels negative energy while adoring life in tranquilly and calm.
  3. This yantra dispels all evil spells and promotes harmony and serenity.
  4. It exudes an atmosphere of absolute stability and joy.
  5. With the blessings of the powerful Shiva and Shakti Devi, the yantra adores life.


How to use Sree Chakra Yantra:

When utilising and worshipping the Sri Chakra Yantra, the following considerations must be made:

  1. Maintain the yantra's face towards either east or north.
  2. On each of the yantra's four sides, make four dots with either vermillion or sandalwood paste.
  3. Offering the yantra your prayers, flowers, fruits, and an incense stick should be lit in front of it.
  4. While gazing upon the yantra, recite any Shiva or Shakti mantra.

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