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Shukravar Vrat Katha

Shukravar Vrat

Shukra vrat is carried out to conciliate planet Venus. Grah Shanti Shukra Pooja is proposed to those, having malefic shukra or wrongly put Venus according to the horoscope.

Shukravar is committed to Shakti, the Mother Goddess, and Santoshi Mata, an incarnation of Shakti. Goddesses Durga and Kali are venerated with most extreme commitment and aficionados herd to the Shakti sanctuaries on this day. Followers listen to Durga Aarti, Kali Aarti and Santoshi Mata Aarti on this day.

Shukra offers long life, riches, joy, kids, and property and great instruction. Shukra Puja can be begun from any Friday. It is prudent to wear white garments and serenade the accompanying Shukra Mantra, confronting the south-east course.

Shukravar Vrat Katha

In past times worth remembering, there existed three companions. They fit in with Brahman, Baniya and imperial families. All the three were wedded yet the Baniyas had not brought home his wife after his wedding function. One day, the three companions were as one tattling. The Brahmans and the sovereign commended their wives and said, A home without a wife is a demons residence. They asked the Baniyas to bring his wife when he could.

The Baniyas went to his home and said to his mother, I will go to my in-laws to bring back my wife. His mother told that the Venus Planet is still situated. It is not obvious in the sky. Hold up for a few days. Venus is the planet of affection. In the event that you go and bring back your wife now, your wedded life may not be upbeat. The adolescent Baniya arrived at his in-laws house and let them know about his mission. His in-laws said the planet Venus is as of now setting. It will be obvious after a few days. They didn?t send their daughter with him baniya did not concur. The parents separated with their little daughter reluctantly

The couple had barely crossed the town when the wheel of their bullock truck got harmed. The bullock?s legs were additionally harmed. The young person was gravely injured. Still, the Youngman proceeded with the adventure in spite of every last one of difficulties. As they proceeded, they experienced a few dacoits. The dacoits victimized the lady of her trimmings and pounded her spouse. Finally, they arrived at home in the wake of confronting numerous set-backs. The Youngman was additionally nibbled by a harmful snake and he got to be oblivious.

The Brahmans came to know of the occurrence. He went to his companion's home and said to his father, Arrange return venture for them. They ought not to have begun their voyage amid the illegal period. The Venus is imperceptible in the sky. They will be out of peril on the off chance that they retreat to the in-laws. At the point when the Youngman arrived at his in-laws house, he returned to himself and recuperated from his sickness after a common treatment. He stayed there till the Venus got to be obvious in the skyline. Subsequently, he came back to his home with his wife and carried on with a joyful life. He began vrat on every Friday frequently from that point.

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