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Soma Maha homa-Let's Join Hands for Global Healing

The History behind Soma Homa/Yagna

Belonging to the very rare, royally supreme and authentic Yagnas, Soma Homa/Yagna is conducted for a particular number of days and aims towards bringing in healing for global issues. In the ancient times, when kingdom ruling was in full swing, the kings and rich men performed this Homa for the welfare of their ruling states and people.

Performing this Homa definitely brings to earth, health remedies, enlightenment in the human hearts and God consciousness in every heart and home.

This tradition that went untouched after the kingdoms rule was brought back to life in the year 1969. It was performed under the rulership of Shri Gajan Maharaja, a Saint who lived in Shivpuri. He was known as the AkkalkotSwamiji too. The credit of reviving the Somayagna tradition belongs to Shri Gajan Maharaja thereon. It has then been taken up by famous leaders of the world and still has its profound familiarity among the creamy layer of the society.

What exactly is a Soma Homa?

Soma is the astral star who nourishes the nature, gives the driving force of life-the guiding light, vitality, health, power and stability for the human life to exist on this planet earth. Soma Yagnas are performed so that the quality and quantity of the earth plane is improvised by multi-folds. Literally, it aims at bringing down the sorrows of people, healing health, calming down burning issues of the global-both personal and political and for overall peace for the people across the globe.

What is so special about the Soma Homa?

Soma is referred to the God of God's mostly referred to as a Goddess; she is not in any idol form that you imagine of. Soma is a plant, a very rare one, found only in the valleys of Himalayas. Also referred to as the "King of Plant's, soma is a rare sight. The plant is believed to be living from the time of creation of lives on earth and is believed to be immortal. During this Soma yagna, this plant is brought down from the Himalayas to play an important part in the Homa.

The Plant God is given as an offering into the sacred fire with other specific donations and contributions and has proved to produce the harmonizing effect through the entire universe.

Considered to be the most important plant and life-giver in almost all the religions, Soma belongs to the mushroom family, whose end and beginning has been unknown forever.

The Gandavyuha from the Buddhist scripture quotes the following about the Soma plant: "Because Soma is a living thing in the here and now, the Rig Veda qualifies as both the oldestand also the most current body of mystical knowledge on the earth. A living body of knowledge in the form of a mushroom. Knowledge and healing that we can eatand drink.?

Who does the Soma homa?

Unlike the other normal Homas that you have read through in our site, this Soma yagna as you have read above is one of the royal supreme Homas. Very talented holy men who are well versed with all the 4 vedas-Sama, Rig, Yajur and Atharva can only perform this Homa. It involves the undivided attention of 18 sacred purohits and 22 helpers just to do the accompaniment work for the Homa. It usually runs over a period of 4 days or more.

You must know that the yagna requires a very talented set of people who have had a thorough hands-o on the Soma yagna, and it obviously requires people from the special family clad who have once done the Homa under the kingdom rule. Sons and grandsons of such families are called upon to perform this most prestigious, esteemed and revered once in a lifetime Homa. These families who perform the Homa are very special in the sense that they strive to preserve their tradition unendingly.

Finally, what's in store for you?

You must remember that there's in store abundance not only for you, but for the whole globe that you live, travel and thrive in. The abundance refers to almost everything including peace, serenity, calmness and happiness across the earth. It is just in the good hearts of a very few to participate and donate in such global Homas.

We understand that performing such a royal Homa will be impossible by a single individual. Let's join hands to perform this global peace giving Homa. We will accumulate donators for the Homa who can sponsor along with you and you can do your part to make this living space a beautiful and wonderful one to cherish about in the years to come and go!

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