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Spiritual Consciousness

Spiritual Consciousness  
by P. Sriramamurti
ISBN (Paperback):  8178224437, 9788178224435
Price (Paperback): 350.00 INR   
Pages: xvii, 520
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2013
Edition: 1st
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Spiritual Consciousness:

Ranging over the subject of Consciousness Studies and focusing on Spiritual Consciousness, this unique collection brings together research papers, essays, narratives and perspectives, both Indian and global, on the religion of Saints or Sant Mat, particularly the Radhasoami Faith. The subjects under discussion range from the basic aspects of Consciousness; Consciousness in Sant Mat and other religions; means of attaining higher levels of Spiritual Consciousness; scientific perception studies to states of Spiritual Consciousness in Sant Mat. Truly interdisciplinary in nature and international in spirit, this collection marks the revival and integration of interest in science and spirituality within the vast gamut of Consciousness Studies. Contributors are as varied as academicians, scientists, spiritualists, philosophers, medical practitioners and religious heads. All those desirous of unravelling the mysteries of life's ultimate pursuit will benefit immensely from reading the book. This book would also be of interest to students and researchers of theology, philosophy, science of spirituality, mysticism, religious studies and comparative study of religions.

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