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Sri Eri Katha Temple Puja

Sri Eri Katha Temple Puja- Remove Adversities, Negativities And Enmities, Bless Blending, Bonding

Sri Eri Katha Ramar Temple is located in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The temple is around Thousands years old. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Karunakara Perumal and is consorts with Goddess Janakavalli. This is the one of the popular rama temple in the state.

Eri Katha Ramar Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama or Ramanuja located in the beautiful city of Kanchipuram. The temple is of immense religiously important for the followers and devotees of Lord Rama. It was built during the reign of the Pallava Kingdom. The temple complex has the same traditional architecture as seen in many temples in south India. It faces eastward and situated very near to Lake Madhuranthakam. The idol of Lord Ramanuja is about 8 feet tall and is a major attraction in Kanchipuram. It is believed that Thirumalisai Alvar achieved enlightenment at this location and it was here that Ramanuja learned the Pancha Samskara Mantras from his teacher, Periya Nambigal. Also, this is the only temple where Ramanuja represents the family man or the Grihasta. The hall with four pillars inside the sanctum is where Ramanuja obtained Pancha Samskara. Devotees flock in large numbers during the festival of Rama Navami to celebrate the birth of Lord Rama, during Ani Brahmotsavam celebrated between July and August in the Tamil month of Aani and during the festival of Pancha Samskaram to commemorate the sanctification of Ramanuja.


  • Protect from Sins of Past, clear distractions, focus on divine creations
  • Bless purity in heart and soul, negate malefic effects and doshas, cure disease
  • Bless Intelligence, Beauty, Remove sense of insecurity, hardships
  • Remove adversities, negativities and enmities, bless blending, bonding
  • Invoke faith, courage and strength, remove fear and danger
  • Bless peace, joy and harmony, gain wealth abundance, Remove Hurdles

Temple Opening Time

Morning:7.30 AM to 11.30 AM
Evening:4.30 PM to 8.30 PM


Temple Festival

Auspicious Vaikunda Ekadasi in the month of(December-January) is grandly celebrated in this temple.


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