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Sri Ramanuja Gita Bhasya

Sri Ramanuja Gita Bhasya 
by Swami Adidevananda        
ISBN(Hardbound):  8178235188, 9788178235189
Price(Hardbound): 180.00 INR 
Pages: 620
Language: Sanskrit & English
Publication:Motilal Banarsidass

About Sri Ramanuja Gita Bhasya:

Ramanuja is a noted commentator on Vedanta from the Vaisnava point of view.In Ramanuja's interpretation of Vedanta, devotion to God and his grace are stressed as the exclusive means for release from the cycle of birth and death. Ramanuja is not as well known as Shankara, but his teachings are important for Vedanta students. With text in Devanagri and English rendering, and index of first lines of verses.
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