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Sri Shaneeshwara Temple Puja

Shaneeswara Temple Puja- Relief from Shani Dhosa

Sri Shaneeshwara Temple is an ancient temple located in Eramathoor, Kerala. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Shaneeshwara. It is the only Saneeshwaran Temple in Kerala. In Hindu mythology, the planet Saturn is referred to as Lord Shani. Lord Shani is referred to as ‘Ishwara’ or ‘Shaneeswara’. Lord Saturn is considered as the most malefic planet when in adverse positions, but its wrath can be prevented by performing special poojas and offerings such as Dwitheeya Shanivara Maseshti, Nirajanam, etc.. During ancient times, Eramathoor was a place where a lot of Brahmins lived. They used to perform holy yagas and poojas within the village at the present day Eramathoor Nadakashala which is now better known as Nadala. There are proofs for the existence of Shaiva culture in this land holy land of yagas and havanams. The culture and tradition of worshipping Lord Shaneeshwara is believed to be adopted from these Brahmin immigrants from the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. The word Lord Shani is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Shanaih Charaha’ meaning ‘slow mover’. Lord Shani is the indicator of asceticism or renouncement of the material world. In Indian astrology, Lord Shaneeswara is the indicator of discipline, authority, old age, asceticism, misery, workers, delays, ambition, leadership and authority, integrity, reputation and unparalleled wisdom. Devotees offering Archana at this temple will clear all your life-time hurdles, Purges and Purify thoughts and action, Vindictive desires, guarantees good reaping, will be blessed with money, wedding bells and prosperity.
Relief from malefic effects of Lord Saturn
Eradicate Enemies and Venomous Spirits
Bestow with good things in life, clear hurdles, delays and frustration
Remove haze, overcome grief and misfortunes, bless prosperity
Gain good health, wealth and hassle free life
Bless strong relationship with spouse, groom bonding
Reverse adversities, stay stronger, courageous
Temple Festival
Auspicious Shani Jayanthi in the month of  May, Transit of Shani in the month of January, Shani Amavasya in the month of May are the festival celebrated in this temple.
Temple Pujas and Havans
Dhwitiya Shanivara Maseshti 
Seven and half Shani, Khantaka Shani, Shanidasha are some of the problematic periods in one’s life. To get respite from these Doshas, devotees offer a havanam which is conducted on the second Saturday of every month between (9 am &11 am) in the morning at the temple.
Kala Sarpa Dosham 
If your horoscope has got Kala Sarpa Dosha, a Kala Sarpa Dosha Havanam can be conducted to remove the ill effects of the Dosham. This is a very effective Havanam and is performed only at this temple in the whole of Kerala.


Neerajanam is performed at this temple to invoke the blessings of Lord Shaneeswaran and reduce the adverse effects of Khantaka Shani. It is an important offering where packets of sesame seeds & raw rice are dipped in oil and kept in a coconut which is placed in a plate filled with raw rice and then lit in front of Lord Shani.
Temple opening Time
Morning: 6.30 AM to Evening 7.30 PM

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