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Sri Varahi Homam


Sheetala Ashtami: Victory Touch Invokes Righteousness, Dispels Darkness, Evil Eye


Varahi Maha Homam


Powerful Energy Varahi, Usher Tons of Boons, Remove Black Magic, Witchcraft, Enmity, Bestow Wealth


Scheduled Live on April 4th, 2021 @ 6 PM IST


Wonderful & Glorious Goddess Sheetala Ashtami

The Evergreen Goddess Sheetala Ashtami is full-bright on Krishna Paksha, Ashtami Thithi, being the 8th Day of waning phase of moon of Chaitra month. The beauty queen Goddess Sheetala is worshipped in admirable forms, as "Shitala", "Sitala". The divine protector Goddess Durga powerful mother of earth took the sacred form of Goddess Sheetala to save the universe from hard-core heat wave and wide spread epidemic seriously leading to severe fever in the forms of poxes, sores, ghouls who gloriously appeared to bless mankind from unfortunate dangers and devil death.


Appearances of Goddess Varahi

Goddess Varahi appears with the head of an aesthetic boar a female aspect of Lord Vishnu the Varaha seated on the Lotus of wealth, looks very beautiful in her red attire. Her face shinning as millions of Sun rays is wearing a diamond necklace, wields with her weapon Chakra (discus) and a sword to fight the evils and protect the universe restoring dharma. It is auspicious to praise Goddess Varahi with 12 auspicious forms namely Sri Panjami, Sri Thandanatha, Sri Sangetha, Sri Sameshwari, Sri Samaya Sangetha, Sri Varahi, Sri Bothrini, Sri Shiva, Sri Varthali, Sri Maha Sena, Sri Anjya chakreshwari, Sri Arigni


Goddess Varahi is revered as "A Powerful Commander Head of forces" in a feminine commander-in-lead as "Dandini".  On this Sheetala Ashtami day, Goddess Varahi is worshiped with an auspicious ritual for universal peace and protection by warding off all evil forces, infectious disease, unpredictable viruses, relieve humankind from intense negativity. Goddess Varahi is primordial mother of earth and she is only commanding powerful goddess who fight against adharma and restore dharma. 


Goddess Varahi depicts as mother of earth energy showing different postures as, standing, seated or art dancing with focused mind who adore a bowl-shaped crown possess various attributes of Lord Vishnu:

  • Energy of creations
  • Energy of protection
  • Energy of life taker
  • Energy to preserve good over evil
  • Energy of subordinate position goddess of all people
  • Energy of Shield and Protection from Evil spirits, black-magic, bad spells
  • Energy of all prosperity who sits on the treasure of all wealth
  • Energy of womb holding all the three worlds


Excessively Cute Goddess Varahi, Saver of the Universe

Ancient Shumbha-Nishumba myth of the Devi Mahatyam and from deep rich text Markandeya Purana, exhibits that Goddess Sapta Martikas has given appearances from the body of Lord Varaha in the form of Feminine Power, is one among the powerful energies as

Brahmani (mother Saraswathi) – Worship for personal achievements

Yogeswari (mother Parvati) – Worship to fulfill life desires

Maheswari (mother Raudani) – Worship to put an end to anger, unethical emotions

Kaumari (mother Karttikeyani) – Worship to clear false ideas, wrong belief

Vaishnavi (Sri Lakshmi) – Worship to remove Greed, Jealous, fantasy

Varahi (Durga Devi) – Worship to overcome the strong desire of others property

Indrani (Energy of Indra) – Worship to over fault-finding, believe in yourself

Chamunda (Chamundi Devi) – Worship to overcome falsehood, untrue


Goddess Varahi Moola Mantra

Om Klim Varaha Mukhi Hrim Siddhi Swarupini

Sreem his Vasangari Danam Varshaya Swaga


Goddess Varahi Maha Homam - Bless Creativity, Power of Sustainability, Cure Disease, Build Strong Nourishment, Remove Evil Power, Attain Salvation


Goddess Varahi Maha Homam saves mankind and protects all devotees who worship her with devotedly. The positive traits of Goddess Varahi treating known and unknown diseases namely, Lust, Anger, Delusion, Pride, Jealous, Envy and brings every aspect of human life under control and improve the quality of life. Chanting Goddess Varahi moola mantra will energize home and professional life with supremacy, eliminates difference of opinion, evil energy, ward-off troubles, evil deeds, black magic, witchcraft. Birth chart planetary displacements prevent the devotees from untimely death, will always surrounded with purity, bestows wonderful look and appearance, smart in impression and approach, highly expressive nature, tremendous word power, good name and fame in the society, powerful and active personality, physical and social networking, job advancement and prospects, blessed with superior mental peace and harmony, good health, unending desired material gains, high end wealth and prosperity.


How Goddess Varahi save you from this Homam?

  • She fights complicated infections, bless to cure, you become strong with good hormones
  • Destructive and Protective energy, reward those who look for her kind care
  • She unlocks the wealth of the universe, nourished with motherly attributes

Auspicious Varahi Maha Homam, Temple Puja on Sheethala Ashtami Combinations of Powerful Aspects of Goddess Shakti


Pallur Sri Varahi Amman Temple – Brings Positivity in Projects, Destroys Evil Signs, Remove Predator Attack in Professional life, Bestows All That You Want to Achieve in Life

Sri Varahi Amman is named in this temple as Sri Arasalai Amman. The deity is facing south which is quite auspicious in appearance which liberates your soul from evil thinking and physically detach from worldly affairs to attain the path of Salvation. The temple has a specific significance giving liberation from evil infections, breathe symptoms, body shivering, heart palpitation, wheezing issues of allergic reactions, bronchiolitis in young children’s, home-maker, working women, asthma complains, high fever and frequent night sleep disturbances. If you offer a temple puja to Sri Pallur Varahi praying to goddess for all your child’s health problems gets solved, saving the life of family members, age-old persons, your child for healthier physical and mental abilities to build good hormone system blesses all on sheethala Ashtami thiti liberating troubles and obstacles, evil eye, contagious disease, severe breathe problems, rescues the children’s and women from control and captivity, brings safety to you, your children’s, age-old people and other family member as whole, lead a happy life, attain fame, flourish personally, professionally, wealth and prosperity.


Energised Varahi Yantra - Blessings of Name, Fame, Status, Attain Physical Power, Self-confidence, bringing an end to Jealous, Greed, Envy, Achieve Success in all Endeavors

Energised Varahi yantra is a great healing therapy to attain a remedy for critical health situations, liberating you from all evil effects, influences, ward-off internal and external enmity, be your support and energy to gain knowledge, wisdom, removing ignorance will keep your enemies under control, suppressing them to dust. This yantra can be kept in home and office remove drishti dosha and all forms of evil, negates hindrances, troubles, nullify black magic, fear and tantric spells, bless super-human power, wealth gains, longevity, joy, peace and prosperity.


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