Standing Hanuman
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Standing Hanuman

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Standing Hanuman

As a vanara, or monkey-faced divinity, Lord Hanuman is cherished and highly regarded. He is a representation of strength, power, and vitality. The mighty idol is regarded as one of the most sincere and fervent followers of the powerful Lord Rama. In the Ramayana, the ultimate Lord Hanuman performed a crucial part. He assisted Rama in rescuing Sita from the villain Ramayana's grasp.

Product Specification:
Dimensions: 5 Inch
Product Code: GLI001

Finishing: Gold Plating Lacquering
Maintenance: Clean with dry cotton cloth. Do not wash with water or any cleaning materials.

Benefits of standing Hanuman statue:

Here are the best benefits of standing Hanuman statue:

  1. The magnificent statue brings Lord Hanuman's greatest blessings.
  2. It adds joy and complete contentment to the worshipper's life.
  3. It provides strength and vitality to combat negative energy.
  4. For believers, the idol exudes an upbeat and favourable vibe.
  5. It adores the devotee's existence in tranquillity and completeness.

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