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Receive Major Gains From Three Powerful Deities On MasiMagam And LalithaJayanthi Day

Supreme Trinity Gods’ Rituals

Lord Narasimha, Lord Sarabeshwara & Pratyangira Devi Homam

Ward Off Stubborn Negative Forces, Get Quick Recovery From Major Affliction, Strong Protection & Improves Financial Status

Scheduled live on February 27 @ 6 PM IST



MasiMagam and LalithaJayanthi: Supreme Trinity Gods’ Rituals Empower and Help Choose Right Career Path



The deep saga behind the Dasavatar of Lord Mahavishnu is so awe-inspiring and mystifying that within one huge capsule many smaller ones encompass. From one main deity many others manifest and their role in the entire episode is truly gratifying.  One such avatar of Vishnu is that of the Lord Narasimha.He took this form to relieve a poor child Prahlad who was his true devotee from the clutches of a demon father who tortured the child just because he hero-worshipped SrimanNarayana.

Lord Narasimha appeared to destroy Hiranyakshipu, Prahlad’s father and after killing the demon king, the lord’s ire could not be controlled. Fearing the worst, Lord Shiva took the form of Sarabeshwara and when Narasimha attacked him, he was further enraged and Sarabeshwara created a two headed creature to challenge Narasimha but in vain. Lord Shiva opened his third eye in a fit of rage and from it emerged Pratyangira Devi. She looked and acted fierce that Narasimha became silent and calmed down after she sat on his lap.

Vedicfolks supreme trinity gods’ ritual to the three deities, Narasimha, Sarabeshwara and Pratyangira will be held on MasiMagamand LalithaJayanthi day. MasiMagam is a very auspicious full moon day and is said that heavenly beings come down to earth.It’s a day that offers prosperity and abundance and helps to empower one with energy and grace. It’s also a day to remove bad karma and vicious curses.

LalithaJayanthi on the other hand is celebrated as the birthday of Lalitha Devi, a goddess who represents the five elements of nature – earth, air, water, fire and space. It’s a day to attain success for students who are artistic and also favours those looking for new openings in their career front.


Lord Narasimha Homam Subdues Ego, Resolves Unsolved Problems, Provides Wealth, Salvation


A powerful god who is all pervading, lord Narasimha, though looks fierce, is a god of great compassion and love. He is an incarnation of lord Vishnu and appeared to put an end to worldly turmoil and disorder. He represents power and success and represents victory of good over evil. He bestows his devotee with health, success, wealth and overall prosperity like absolving one from debt burdens and unsolved problems in life.

A homam to Lord Narasimha subdues the ego and all negativity like anger, jealousy, enmity and hatred. The homam begets spiritual elevation and helps attain salvation. It safeguards from illnesses, diseases and acute ailments. One enjoys peace, harmony, bliss and contentment in life.


Lord Sarabeshwara Homam Grants Quick Recovery FromAfflictions, Upgrades Financial Status And Quashes Negativity


Lord Sarabeshwara is an aggressive form of Lord Shiva that manifested to control lord Narasimha’s ferocity. He appeared in a very unique form, a combination of a bird and lion with eight legs, four hands, two wings, sharp tooth and nail. Lord Sarabeshwara vanquishes evil and protects the devotee from crude evil. Having his grace means being fearless and having the strength to face any kind of battles of life.

A homam to Lord Sarabeshwara helps in speedy recovery from major surgery and diseases. It also ends evil thoughts and vices in every person. It also stops quarrels, tussles and troubles caused by enemy. It grants dynamism, positive attitude and quashes negative vibrations around you. It bestows good luck and success. It cuts off all negative forces that hinders our development, paves path to success, and gives peace to mind, happiness and unity in family. It doubles happiness, joy, grants riches and improves financial status in life. It helps achieve wisdom and intellect.


Pratyangira Devi Homam Cuts Off Rahu Dosha, Bad Karma, Debts, Ends Stubborn Evil 


Pratyangira Devi represents all 64 forms of Mahashakti. She is also known as AtharvanaBhadrakali, Narasimhi orShoolayiniDurga. She had a lioness face and human body which denotes a balance of good and evil. For thousands of ages, it has been strongly believes by sages and devotees that Pratyangira is the only goddess to eradicate and  wipe out black magic, evil spirits, witch craft, destructive energies and voodoo to the core and is very fierce and capable of destruction and extreme frenzy. She also brings possessed bodies to sublime state.

The homam brings enormous blessings of the goddess and relieves one from the malefic effects of Rahu. It removes all obstructions in your path and ushers in prosperity. It also relieves you from diseases, bad karma, debts and misfortunes. Pratyangira Devi is called ‘ashtanagamkonda kali thririsuli’ as she bears eight snakes in her body. If one is affected with sarpadosham or gets scary dreams involving snakes, then this is the method for instant relief.

Combined Benefits of Trinity Gods’ Ritual

  • Speedy recovery from major health complaints and diseases


  • Health, success, wealth and overall prosperity


  • Ward off illnesses, diseases and acute ailments.


  • Achieve peace, harmony, bliss and contentment
  • The ritual doubles happiness, joy, grants riches and improves financial status in life.


  • Achieve wisdom and intellect, spiritual elevation and salvation.

Trinity Gods’ Highly Effective Mantras That Protect and Keep You Safe


Narasimha mantra




The Narasimha mantra gives courage, faith, confidence and removes fear and anxiety. It crushes the enemy and prevents their evil plots by acting as a protective shield. Sends across positive vibes, fulfils wishes, and blesses the native with happiness and prosperity.



Sarabeshwara mantra


Om ke(y)mkaam pat praanaakra

Haasi, praanaakrahaasi

Hoom pat sarvasathrusamhaaranaaya



Chanting the mantra helps get rid of all bad elements, debts, enemies, and kinds of enmity. It also removes hurdles in marriage, ego, greed, lust, anger and pride.


Pratyangira Devi mantra


Om Ksham Krishna Vasase, SimhaVadhane, MahaVadhane,
MahaBhairavi, SarvaShatru Karma Vidhdwamsini,
ParamanthraChetini, SarvaBhoothaDhamani,
SarvaBhoothaamPandhaPandha, SarvaVignyaan Sindhi Sindhi,
SarvaVyadhirNikrindhaNikrindha, SarvaDhushtaanPakshaPaksha,
JwalaJihwe, KaraalaVakhtre, KaraalaDhamshtrey,


The mantra relieves you from all dosha, protects from powerful vicious evil or dushtaatma, snakes and vishajeevangal (poisonous elements). It keeps away doshas, prevents accidents, enemies, diseases, wrath, obstacles, curses and black magic.


Sarabeshwara Temple Puja Checks Hidden Enemies, Marriage Problems & Begets Progeny


This is a very unique temple situated ten kms away from Kumbakonam on Myladuthurai and Kumbakonam route. It’s a very ancient temple built by the CholaKing KulothungaChola III as a memorial to mark his success in conquering certain North Indian kingdoms. Nowhere else can be find a separate temple for Lord Sarabeshwar.

The main idol in the temple is in the form of a swayambulinga called Kampaheswar but there’s a separate shrine for Sarabeshwara inside having three legs, body and face of a lion and tail. A puja in the temple is very auspicious as it relieves you of debts, overcomes effects of hidden enemies, wins court battles, neutralises the effects of black magic. It is also said to relieve one from Brahmahatyadosha, marriage problems and to beget progeny. 


Strengthful Pratyangira Yantra Prevents Misfortunes, And Curbs Stubborn Negative Forces


A highly potent one, the Pratyangira Devi yantra keep off negative energies from entering your house, it gives protection from misfortunes, ill health, ailments, sufferings in all forms like mental and physical, witch craft, black magic etc. place it at the entrance of your home or office or any business space. Cleanse it and worship it regularly and acquire overall benefits. 


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