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Surya Vrat Katha

Surya Vrat

Surya or Ravivar vrat is committed to Lord Surya. Grah Shanti Surya Puja or Sun adoration is prescribed to those having malefic surya or wrongly set sun according to the horoscope.

Surya Puja is a heavenly shelter for the individuals who face issues, obstacles and disaster in their lives. Adoration of Lord Surya is gainful when individuals get stuck, regardless of how persevering, legit and sagacious they are good fortunes appears to overlook them.

Surya Vrat Katha

Once there was an old woman. She would get up in the morning and washed up. She kept her home dignitary by putting it with bovine fertilizer, and took her suppers just in the wake of offering sustenance to the Sun God. She carried on with a joyful life. This woman used to gather cow fertilizer from her neighbours house. The neighbours wife was desirous of her. She fastened her bovine inside the room so that the old woman couldn't gather the fertilizer. Furthermore as she couldn't mortar her home with bovine fertilizer, she didn't cook her nourishment. She didn't significantly offer sustenance to the Lord Sun. She stayed on vrat for the duration of the day and dozed with unfilled stomach.

The Sun God showed up before her in her fantasy. The Sun God said, I am very happy with you in light of the fact that you kept quick on Sunday. I am satisfied with your love. I should provide for you a wonderful the god vanished. The old woman opened her eyes. A lovely much cow with a calf was there in her yard. She was shocked to see them. She orchestrated feed and water for them.

At the point when the neighbours woman saw the bovine in the old women house, she got to be envious of her. She likewise perceived that the cow's dung was of gold and not a customary waste. She took the gold fertilizer and supplanted it with the normal manure of her cow. She proceeded with the substituting practice for various days. The Sun God noted that the old woman was being bamboozled by her neighbour. He brought on a storm at sun-set. The old woman fastened her bovine inside her space for its security. She was, notwithstanding, amazed to see that her bovine provided for her gold compost rather than a conventional one. She could transparent her neighbours trap.

The neighbours woman was continually desirous. She thought about a plan to deny her of the marvel bovine. She went to the ruler and said, My Lord, a poor old woman in our neighborhood has a heavenly dairy animals. The King caught the cow to his palace. On that day he saw that the whole castle was loaded with dairy animals waste. There was terrible stench all around. In the morning, the lord sent for the old woman with due honor. He furnished a proportional payback to the old woman furthermore provided for her some riches. The neighbors woman was suitably rebuffed which was a reason for easing to all. The lord broadcasted request that all his subjects ought to vrat on Sundays on the off chance that they needed their cravings to be satisfied. Presently, all his kin were prosperous. Ailment never went by them. They never confronted any regular cataclysm. Everybody reveled in satisfaction.

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