Suryanar temple is the first of the 9 Navagraha Temples in Tamil Nadu, placed around 1 km from Tirumangalakkudi which lies in the middle of Kumbakonam and Mayavaram, close Thanjavur, in Tamilnadu. Prevalent known as Surya Sthalam, Suryanaar Kovil is devoted to the Sun God or Lord Surya, the first of Navagrahas.

The chief divinity, Sri Suryanarayanaswamy, is found in a lying carriage inside the sanctum sanctorum with his associates Sri Usha Devi and Sri Pratyusha Devi. The other eight Navagrahas are seen confronting the Sun God. Additionally, Suriyanar Temple likewise encapsulates the holy places of Kasi Vishwanath, Visalakshi and Brihaspati (Guru) inside the sanctum. The Kol Theertha Vinayakar (Ganesha or Pillayar) sanctum is a famous figure here.

Benefits of Suryanar Temple Pooja

Performing Sun pooja at Suryanar temple guarantees to have great heart and great well-being.
Makes the circumstances great.
Helps development in vocation and administration.
It takes away the conscience, supports great exercises and extends extraordinary brings about higher studies.

Suryanar Temple Pooja Timings

Morning Darshan - 06.00 AM - 12.30 PM
Evening Darshan - 04.00 PM - 08.00 PM

Note: is not a temple agent. We will do pooja on your behalf to offer and deliver Prasad to your home. The amount will be used to buy and provide Prasad at the temple. And, to awning all assorted costs such as - Covering, Shipping and also includes all government taxes. Normally it takes 7 days you to receive this prasadam from temple, if you are outside India it takes 15 days to receive your prasadam.

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