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Symbols of Art, Religion and Philosophy

Symbols of Art, Religion and Philosophy  
by Padma Sudhi        
ISBN(Hardbound):  8170760135, 9788170760139
Price(Hardbound): 350.00 INR
Pages: xxvuuu + 320
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 1988
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Symbols of Art, Religion and Philosophy:

The present Book is unique and is one of its own kind. During the last decade, several Books on symbols have been published by Oriental publishers but not a single book has touched those symbols which are tackled here by the present author. More so, almost all the books took Indian symbols partially. Sometimes, they deal them with the literary evidences and sometimes with the help of Archaeological proofs. Elsewhere, they have been interpreted through the Art forms. 

The present writer, being unhappy by the partial approach of different authors, has tried to analyse through her discussions the nine symbols as have been represented in the art forms, Religions and Philosophies of India. Besides the elaborate treatment given to the nine symbols of Rudraksa, cakra, Prabha mandala, Mudra, Salagrama, Svastika, Sikhara, Circumambulation and Philosopher's stone, the author has deciphered at least more than a hundred symbols which are connected with the studies of these symbols.   


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