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Bagam Priyal Temple



A 500-1000 years old Bagam  Priyal Temple at Thiruvetriyur near Ramanathapuram district is the centre of worship for complete cure from cancer. The temple doors are  open from 6 am to 11 am and from 4 pm to 8 pm. In the temple, Lord Shiva is called Pazham Puttru Nathar and Goddess Ambika is called Bagam Priyal.

Benefits of visiting Bagam Priyal Temple        

People  suffering from cancer pray to the goddess for complete cure consuming  the theertham (holy water) offered in the temple. They believe that the temple is the final medical destination for cure from cancer and also trust Mother Bagam Priyal who rewrites their sad stories to happy ones.



History of the temple      

King  Mahabali was noted for his boldness & charitableness. He was loved by his people. This made the emperor very proud and he disrespected the gods and Devas. Maharshi Narada met Lord Shiva at Mount Kailash and asked him to punish King Mahabali. Lord Shiva said that once in his  temple when a lamp was about to extinguish, King Mahabali in the form of  a rat made the lamp burn continuously. So, the Lord rewarded the King  the rule of 56 kingdoms. Lord Shiva said to Narada that it would be  unjustified to destroy Mahabali in his present birth. Later, Maharshi  went to Lord Vishnu and asked Him to punish Mahabali for his egoistic character. 

Lord Vishnu went to Mahabali as a Vamana and wanted three  feet land. Vamana measured the world in two footsteps and demanded for  third and Mahabali offered his head instead. He was pushed into padala  lokam. A distressed Dharma Devata, mother of Mahabali who lost her son  met Lord Shiva and asked for justice. Lord Shiva punished Lord Vishnu  with cancer on the foot that squashed Mahabali's head. When Vishnu  needed relief, Lord Shiva told him to bathe in 18 holy theerthas. Lord  Vishnu came to Thiruvetriyur for a holy bath and his cancer disappeared.

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