Masani Amman Temple

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History Of Masani Amman Temple

King Nannur grew a mango tree on the Aliyaru River bank. He ordered to the people that none should take the fruit of the tree and it was meant for his own use. One day, a women bathing in the river, saw a fruit floating in the river. She ate the fruit unknowingly the order of the King. The furious king ordered her to death despite the request of the public. Later, the King was killed by villagers in a battle and a temple was erected to worship the women who sacrifice her life. Since the women was killed, she was called as Shmasani. Later, it came to be known as Masani.
Masani Amman Temple at Pollachi, Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. 17 ft long reciling form of Masani Amman holding weapons in her hands and looking skyward. It is believed that Lord Rama worshipped Masani Amman on his way to Lanka. Pachilam Marundu prasad is offered to the girls those facing physical problems when they attain puberty and women consume it for getting child boon. Devotees apply ground chilly paste on the justice stone in this temple for recovery of stolen things. Devotees tie a black thread in the hand for relief from witchcraft and evil effects.

Temple Timings: Morning 6.00 AM to Evening 8.00 PM