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Navaratri Day 2 Brahmacharini Devi



Day 2: Brahmacharini Devi:

        Second day of the Navaratri is Dwitiya and was celebrated for the Goddess Brahmacharini. Here Brahma means one who constantly mediates on the Supreme Being. She is also known as Tapashcharini or Aparna or Uma. Brahmacharini is with two armed, clad in white and carries a rudraksha mala and sacred Kamandalu.

She is the Tapashcharini so she will give many blessings to he Devotees. Pray to Maa Brahmacharini on the Navaratri second Day. People who pray her with full devotion and meditate, she showers us with many blessings. She purifies our soul and mind totally.

She removes all the sins and problem from the life of their devotee. A devotee who is eager to know God, who want knowledge, he should worship Devi Brahmcharini on the second day of Navratri.

Color of the Navaratri- Day 2(14.10.2015):

      Color for this Day Two to celebrate Maa Brahmacharini on Oct 14 2015 is calculated as Royal Blue. Devotees wear Royal Blue color dress and pray to Maa Brahmacharini to get prosper.


    On the second day of Navaratri devotees prepare Ravva Kesari and Pulihora as naivedyam to God and offer it as prasadam.

Mantra to chant:


Om Devi Brahmcharinyai Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)


Dadhaanaa Kar Padaabhyaamakshmala Kamandalu

Devi Prasidati Mayi Brahmcharinyanuttamaa. 


O Goddess Brahmcharini, who holds rosary and Kamandalu in her hands, please on me.





   When Devi Parvati (Shailaputri) grown up into a beautiful maiden, the Celestial sage Narada happened to reach the court of King Himalaya. Sage Narada was warmly welcomed by the King of Himalaya. Thereafter they pleaded Sage to predict the future of his daughter Parvathi.

Sage on reading the palm of Parvathi, he stood up and bowed to her with great veneration. King of Himalaya and the Queen Maina enquired to Sage about the strange behavior.

Then Narada explained that Parvathi in her previous birth she was Sati who is a Daughter of Daksha and the consort of Lord Shiva. Because she sacrificied her life in the yanja fire for the disgrace in her husband Lord Shiva by her father. Now she took another birth as Parvathi, and again she will beget lord Shiva as her husband.

Having listened to the predictions, Parvathi enquired to him to how to beget Lord Shiva as her husband. Sage Narada advised her to perform an austere Penance. So Parvathi left all her wealth and pleasures she started Penance to beget Lord Shiva.

She spent first thousand years of the penance by living on fruits. Thereafter she lived on leaves for another three thousand years of her penance. Then she lived on water and then air alone. She came across several sufferings like severe heat, cold etc. This difficult penance made to turn her into a mere skeleton.

All Gods and saints including Indra were astonished about her penance. They all approached Brahma and prayed to bestow boon to Parvati. Brahma appeared before Parvati and blessed her with a boon as she can beget Lord Shiva because of her austere penance. As well as Brahma restored her physical charm and grace.


     Maa Bramachairini temple is located at K-22/72, Durga ghat, Varanasi. People can travel till Durga ghat by boat and climb steps to get the darshan of Maa Brahmachirini.


Do & Don't

Do & Don't


  •      Do Bramhachirini Homa to attain power from Goddess.
  •    Visit nearby temple and pray to get blessings.
  •      Prefer Fasting during Puja.
  •      Do Pooja and Vrat for Goddess to invite her home.
  •      Offer sugar and fruits. This increase the longevity of family members.




  • Don't eat bitter or non-vegetarian food.
  • Don't use leather items during this period.
  • Don't indulge in any violent activities during puja days.
  • Don't eat before doing puja in the evening, Eat after 6pm.
  • Don't keep any broken statue in golu area