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Navaratri Day 4 Kushmanda Devi



Day 4 - Kushmanda Devi:

   Fourth day is Chathurthi and was celebrated for the Goddess Kushmanda. Ku means 'a little', Usma means 'energy' and Anda means 'the cosmic egg or the universe'. Goddess in this form is very happy with a smile. She dwells in the abode of the Sun God because her hue and magnificence is as brilliant as the sun itself.

Maa Kushmanda represents Anahata Chakara. The devotees of Maa Kushmanda get all kinds of blessings. They can be improved in their health and wealth. She removes all the Hurdles and Troubles from the Life of their Devotees. Mata brings establishes harmony in your life.

Goddess Kushmanda is Mother of Sun. She creates the entire universe and solar system. Devotees must worship her in order to get success in her creation. Devotees, who has malefic Sun in their birth chart should worship Kushmanda Devi.

Color of the Navaratri-- Day 4(16.10.2015):

    Color for this Day four which is to celebrate Maa Kushmandaa on Oct 16th2015 is calculated as Green. Devotees wear Green color dress and pray to Maa Kushamandaa to attain ultimate power from the Goddess


     Ksheernnam(Rice boiled in milk), Jaggary, and sugar these are prepared by the devotees and they keep as Naivedyam to God and they offer it as Prasadam.

Mantra to chant:

Om Devi Kushmandayayi Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)


Suraasampoornam Kalasham Rudhiraaplutamev Cha

Dahdana Hastpadmaabhyaam Kushmanda Shubhdaastu Me


Goddess Kushmanda who holds two pitchers full of Madira and Blood in her lotus hands, be propitious to me.




      When this universe was non-existent and darkness prevailed everywhere, it was Maa Kushamaanda who produced the Cosmic Egg with her smile. So Maa Kushamaanda is also called as Creator of the whole universe, she is also called as Adishakthi and Ashtabuja.

In her eight hands she holds Kamandalu, Bow, Arrow, Lotus, a Jar of Nectar, Discus, and a Mace and she holds a maala which is cabable of giving eight Siddhis and nine Niddhis. She rides on a lion which represents Dharma.

She is a only one who had the power to live in Suryaloka. Her body shines like a glowing sun. All directions get light including Sun from her Divine smile.


   Maa Kushmanda devi Temple is located at Durga Kund, Varanasi. Devotees can travel to Varanasi and get the Darshan of Maa Kushmanda.

Do & Don't

Do & Don't


  •   Do Kushamanda Homa to attain power from Goddess.
  •   Visit nearby temple to get blessings from mata Durga.
  •     Prefer Fasting during Puja.
  •     Do Pooja and Vrat for Goddess to invite her home.
  •     Offer Malpua as Bhog. This improves the intellect and decision making ability. 



  • Don't eat bitter or non-vegetarian food.
  • Don't use leather items during this period.
  • Don't eat before doing puja in the evening, Eat after 6pm.
  • Don't keep any broken statue in golu area.
  • Don't indulge in any violent activities during puja days.


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