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Paampuranathar Temple



Paampuranathar temple is located on the Kumbakonam to Karaikalhighway, about 3 km from the main road.Thirupampuram is a temple where all kinds of Naga (Snake) Doshas are cured.  This temple cures all Doshas are created by Rahu & Ketu. Lord Shiva is worshipped by Naga King Aadhiseshan at this temple so this place is called as Thirupampuram.

Thirunageswaram, Kalahasthi and "Keezha perumpallam" are the other three main Naga Dosha Parihara temples. Devotees worshipping at Thirupampuram will have a benefit of worshipping the above mentioned three Naga temples. At this temple Ragu & Ketu were appearing in a single body.  All the three important tamil shaivite saints Appar, Sampanthar, Sundarar sung about this temple.

Legendary belief is God is living in the form of snakes. Snakes used to visit this temple regularly and they don't bite the devotees here.  Devotees have witnessed many times the snakes visit the temples and removed their skins as a garland to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. 

If the devotees have a Kala Sarpa Dosha or if they are in 18 years of Rahu or in 7 years of Ketu they should visit this temple.  If they have some other Doshas like "Kalathira Dosha", or obstacles in marriage or obstacles in having child or repeatedly they see snakes in their dreams they should visit this temple and accomplish pariharas as per pujari suggest here  will help the devotees.

Holy water is Aadhisesha Theertham and temple tree is vanni tree. On sundays, tuesdays and fridays the fragrance of jasmine in this temple and serpents are believed to be present within the temple premises. On 26-05-2002 a snake had shed its skin on the Shiva lingam like a garland. This is still preserved at the temple in the Lords sannithi. There is no history of anybody being bitten by snake in the vicinity of villagers.



Thirupampuram is considered to be the 59th thevara stalams of Chola kingdom located at south of river kaveri.

 As per purana once Ganesha was worshipping the Lord Vishnu at Kailash. At that time snake in the neck of Lord Shiva thought that he too is worshipped by Ganesha. When Shiva understood the thoughts of snake, he cursed that all the Naga's in the world including Aadhiseshan, Rahu and Ketu to lose their powers.  Hence the Aadhiseshan and the two main snake gods Rahu and Ketu lost their importance and they suffered.  To get cured from Shiva's curse they prayed to him. Lord Shiva accepted their request and asked them to worship him at Thirupampuram.  He said they should worship him on Shiva Ratri day. 

As per Lord Shiva's order all the main Naga Kings worshipped first at "Kumbakonam Nageswarar", "Thirunageswaram Naganathar", "Thirupampuram Pampura Nathar" and then "Nagore Naga Nathar" on Shiva ratri day and got rid of their curses.Even still, no one in this village has been reported to death due to snake-bite.

Do & Don't

Do & Don't


  • Do pray your Ishta Devata before pilgrimage to Temple.
  • Do contact Temple Devasthanam information centre for enquiry, temple information and for Pooja details etc.
  • Do reserve your travel and accommodation at Temple well in advance.
  • Do bath and wear clean clothes before you enter the temple.
  • Do concentrate on God and Goddess inside the temple.
  • Do maintain silence and recite Om Namahsivaya or your Istamantram to yourself inside the temple.
  • Do observe ancient custom and traditions while in Temple.Do respect religious sentiments at Temple.
  • Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only.
Don't s:

  • Do not come to Temple for any purpose other than worshipping of God and Goddess.
  • Do not smoke at Temple.Do not consume alcoholic drinks at Temple.
  • Do not eat non-vegetarian food in the Kshetram.
  • Do not approach mediators for quick Darshanam. It may cause inconvenient to others.
  • Do not carry any weapon inside the temple.
  • Do not wear any head guards like helmets, caps, turbans and hats inside the temple premises.
  • Do not perform Sastanga Pranama inside the Sanctum Sanctorum.
  • Do not take much time while performing Sparsa Darshanam to God in Garbhagriha.
  • Do not buy spurious prasadams from street vendors.
  • Do not encourage beggars at Temple.
  • Do not spit or create nuisance in the premises of the temple.

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