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Sri Adhimooleswarar Temple



This is the 59th temple on the northern bank of Cauvery praised in Thevaram hymns.

Lord graces in the temple as swayambumurthy. During Purattasi (September-October), Panguni (March-April) and some days in the year, the rays of Sun fall on the Lord.

Lord Dakshinamurthy on the wall of the sanctum sanctorum graces with His Veena and a leg beautifully bending as if dancing. His disciples are not with him.

This is a rare form of Lord Dakshinamurthy. Musicians worship the Lord with abishek and special pujas. Lord Bikshadana is nearby.

Lord Shiva here is also called Adhimooleswarar.  There is a grand Court Hall (Raja Sabha  court of the king) in the Arthamandapa Hall in the temple.

Saivite saint Gnanasambandar had mentioned the Lord in his hymns as Moolanatheswarar and the place as Kaarar Kondrai.  Devotees believe that performing abishek to the Lord would bring them all prosperities.


People pray for removal of obstacles in marriage talks and for child boon.



Tiruppaatrurai Adhimooleswarar Temple is a Hindu temple located at Tirupattrurai in Trichy district of Tamil Nadu, India. The historical name of the place is Tirupalathurai.  The presiding deity is Shiva. He is called as Adhimooleswarar. His consort is known as Nithyakalyani.

A Chola king ruling this region then passed through this place while hunting and wanted to have rest.  He saw a white bird and with the intention of having it, he shot an arrow but the bird escaped. 

When he visited the place again, he saw the bird and waited near the bushes as it was its nest.  The king felt the smell of milk in that place.  But the bird did not return.  The king removed the bushes and found an anthill.  When he further dug, milk sprang from the spot.  The king, afraid of the incident, simply returned back. 

Lord Shiva appeared in his dream and said that He was in that spot in the form of a Linga and directed him to build a temple.  So place came to be known as Pattrurai (Paal+Thurai Paal in Tamil means milk and thurai place, thus came the name Pattrurai) 


Maha Shivarathri
in February-March, Tirukarthikai in November-December and Margazhi Tiruvadirai are the festivals celebrated in the temple.

Opening time:

The temple is open from 7.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Do & Don't

Do & Don't


  • Do pray Your Ishta Devata before Pilgrimage to temple
  • Do Contact Temple Devasthanam information center for inquiry ,temple information and for pooja details etc.
  • Do Do reserve your travel and accommodation at temple well in advance.
  • Do bath and wear clean clothes before you enter the temple
  • Do concentrate on God and Goddess inside the temple.
  • Do maintain silence and recite your Istamantram to yourself inside the temple.
  • Do observe ancient custom and traditions while in Temple.
  • Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only
Don't s:
  • Do not come to Temple for any Purpose other than worshiping of God and Goddess
  • Do not smoke at Temple.
  • Do not consume alcoholic drinks at Temple
  • Do not Eat Non Vegetarian food in the Kshetram
  • Do not approach mediators for quick Dharshanam. It may cause inconvenient to others
  • Do not carry any weapon inside the temple
  • Do not wear any head guards like helmets ,caps ,turbans and hats inside the temple premises

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