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Sri Chitraradha Vallaba Perumal temple



Chitra starrers pray to Lord of the temple for relief from adverse planetary aspects, especially those facing adverse Jupiter aspects and take up remedial pujas. According to astrology, favourable Jupiter aspect alone would help settling happy marriages and offer child boon.

Guru Bhagwan-Jupiter constructed a place for his son on Vaigai River and performed penance on Lord Narayana.  Hence, the place is called Guruvithurai - Kuruvithurai.  Lord Narayana, pleased with his penance appeared before Guru on a Rath of aesthetic beauty and rescued his son Kasa. 

Hence, the Lord is known as Chithiraradha Perumal - Perumal with a Rath of aesthetic beauty.We observe Guru transition day each year very devotionally when the planet moves to the next zodiac sign.  Guru-Jupiter himself had to face a problem and Lord Narayana was the destination for him for a remedy.  

He performed penance here. He is a swayambumurthy here. Chakkarathalwar  also is a swayambumurthy in the temple. The idols of 12 Alwars  are in a single form.



In a war between the Devas and the demons, a huge number of demons were killed.  Their Acharya, Shukra, also a powerful planet, restored all the demons to life again through the power of Sanjeevini Mantra application which he alone knew. 

Devas, with a view to learn that Mantra, sent Kasa, son of Jupiter to Shukra to learn the Mantra and return to them.
He went to Asuraloka, the land of demons with the blessings of Father Guru. Devayani, daughter of Shukra, enticed by the handsomeness of Kasa fell in love with him, but it was a one-sided love.  Kasa was keen only on his mission. 

The demons knowing the young man's plans, killed him, reduced him to ashes, dissolved it in water and made Shukra consume it. As Devayani was unable to meet Kasa, she begged her father Shukra to find him.  Shukra with his wisdom eye came to know the facts and understood he was in his belly. 

To please the daughter and to restore Kasa back to life, he taught the Sanjeevini Mantra to him even while he was in his belly.  Kasa came out alive tearing his guru's stomach.  As Kasa could not bear to see Shukra dead before him, he applied the same Sanjeevini Mantra and gave a new lease of life to the teacher. 

Shukra asked Kasa to marry his daughter Devayani.  Kasa politely explained to Shukra that as he was born from his stomach, Devayani was his sister and therefore the match would be against law.  He left to his place with Shukra's permission to his place.  But Devayani created seven mountains preventing Kasa's departure.

Jupiter performed penance on Lord Narayana to rescue his son.  Lord sent Chakarathalwar and rescued Kasa from the demon world. Lord Narayana gave darshan to Prahaspathi-Guru-Jupiter from his rath of exciting aesthetic beauty on Chithirai star day.  Hence, the place is attributed to Chitra star.


The temple is open from 7.30 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Temple Festivals:

Margazhi Vaikunda Ekadasi in December-January and Jupiter transition days are celebrated in the temple.

Do & Don't

Do & Don't


  • Do pray Your Ishta Devata before Pilgrimage to temple
  • Do Contact Temple Devasthanam information center for inquiry ,temple information and for pooja details etc.
  • Do reserve your travel and accommodation at temple well in advance.
  • Do bath and wear clean clothes before you enter the temple
  • Do concentrate on God and Goddess inside the temple.
  • Do maintain silence and recite your Istamantram to yourself inside the temple.
  • Do observe ancient custom and traditions while in Temple.
  • Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only

Don't s:

  • Do not come to Temple for any Purpose other than worshiping of God and Goddess
  • Do not smoke at Temple.
  • Do not consume alcoholic drinks at Temple
  • Do not Eat Non Vegetarian food in the Kshetram
  • Do not approach mediators for quick Dharshanam. It may cause inconvenient to others
  • Do not carry any weapon inside the temple
  • Do not wear any head guards like helmets ,caps ,turbans and hats inside the temple premises

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